Hey teams and players. Here's a few tips to help you recruit or be recruited.

In the title, please include:
  • Player or Team?
    Are you a team looking for players, or a player looking for a team?
  • Where do you live?
    Usually competitive teams are region specific, tune to pings and practice times.
  • What version?
    Most teams recruit for a single version (PC, Xbox 360, or PS3).

Some examples of good titles. Having a little description beyond the standard format is encouraged!
  • (PC) Looking for NA Clan
  • [EU] Looking for a SERIOUS CLAN for Xbox 360
  • LF: NA clan daily scrims + actively competes (PC)
  • [PC] Team Mattc0m recruiting 2 new members (North America)

In order for teams and members to find each other, you need a few core details to help make sure it's the perfect match.

Here's a few tips to include in the body for people looking for a team.
  • Include your experience
    Tell us where you've competed before, what games, and how long! Any titles or other notable achievements? How familiar are you with mumble, ventrilo, anti-cheat software, and other competitive software?
  • How old are you?
    Some teams have age limits, so it's important to include your age.
  • How serious are you about competition?
    Some clans are more community-focused than competitive teams. So definitely outline how big of a deal competition is to you as a player.
  • When / how much are you available for practices / scrims?
    Syncing up practice times are super important for most teams. Some may practice up to 3 to 4 hours every night (if not longer!) So not only what times you're available, but how long you're willing to play.
  • What is your contact info?
    Include your Steam, Email, and other contact info.

Here's a few tips to include in the body for teams looking for recruits.
  • Include your history
    How long have you been around, what communities do you come from, and what's your competitive background?
  • How old are your players? Any limits?
    It's good to know what type of a community you have, and what ages will feel comfortable.
  • How serious are you about competition?
    Whether you're more community-orientated or competition-focused, it's important to outline what your focus is.
  • When / how often do you practice / scrim?
    Having a rough practice schedule is great to share with potential recruits, so they know if they can participate or not.
  • How can you be contacted?
    Tell us where you be reached on the web, Steam, Email, etc. Also include if you have (a) server(s)