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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    Pm sent let me know how I can help Crispy.

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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    From my testing yesterday running a hijack server it seems after about 3 maps the server falls over with this crash and the server goes offline and is flashing orange. it crashed a half dozen times yesterday & it was dead this morning when I woke up.

    I switched the server back to Player Vs Player only with no hijacking this morning and I will see how I go, in this configuration it is unlikely to get any players until around our Aussie peak play time in 6-8 hours.
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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    I can't replicate the issue on demand, but our Branzone server is still crashing with this error.

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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    i have this allocrendermodel good damn error when i play brink ..........i am not a steam user and am also knew to splash damage but i wanna nw the fix for this problem ........please help me i wanna play this game desperately

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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    This thread is intended for the issue at hand occurring at the server level
    From your post it would appear you are experiencing this client side, might I suggest checking out the Brink Community Tech Help forum instead

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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    Might I remind you this thread inherently includes Solo play as well, as the error is THE SAME. So perhaps you can do something more productive and increase the yield of visits to this thread, not decrease it, so as to a.) provide SD with more data, and b.) show both SD and the community that this is a serious bug that needs resolved.

    With that said, I am busting out olly dbg and will attempt to provide any useful information on this that I can. If it occurs equally as randomly, equally as fatal, and equal in debug text, regardless of solo or server, I think the resolution should therefore be identical. So when I report back with information that helps, you be sure and let me know that I should move my information to a topic in the Tech Help forum instead.

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    Re: Fix For AllocRenderModel Crashes

    Took a few hours to solve this.
    Based on the debug text it seems obvious that the issue has to do with threads. Well turns out by using OllyDebug, it automatically triggers breakpoints on load. In doing so, it prevents this error from occurring. I have verified this by running the game in windowed mode 8 times, all of which crashed at either
    1.) first flashbang thrown
    or 2.) first player death 'particles/weapons/muzzle_flashes/arifle_light_3rdperson'

    I then loaded ollydbg to reverse trace the error msg to it's event handler, hoping to thwart the throwing of exception, however found that the error no longer occurs.

    So, what this means is we can resolve this problem simply by loading the game via debugger. However that means we must manually 'continue' on every breakpoint (~20 prior to entering a server/game). So, what I did was run olly, open brink.exe, after it has analyzed it - it will pause. Go to Options->Options->Debugging->Exceptions and check INT3. Notice below it has a box where you can add custom exceptions. Press ok.
    Press "Play" button to continue debugging. It will pause again at the screen w/ bitmap logo, go to same place in options and check "Ignore also the following" and click "Add Current" button. For me that exception was: "406D1388" - a RtlRaiseException function call; and Click ok.
    Now play again. Game will run fine, no crashing anymore.

    It's weird because olly is passing the exceptions to brink, yet it seems the mere fact that olly is debugging brink is indeed the fix for the crashing. Why? No idea... interesting how some claim that enabling log file fixes it, while others must increase thread priority. Both of which create lag at game startup. Olly actually pauses the game at startup, and that too has fixed it. Something isn't being initialized properly.. that's my educated guess.

    I intend to create an extremely trivial exe that will suspendThread @ startup, to see if it is the fact that olly is debugging that fixes it, or the fact that the game is paused at it's thread initiation.
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