If you are having a technical problem with Brink, please take the following steps:

  1. Ensure you meet our Minimum System Requirements
  2. Ensure your Graphics Drivers are up to date
  3. Check our Known Issues List for common issues and workarounds (thread will be up soon)
  4. Use the forum's search function to see if the issue has already been reported
  5. Do not report more than one issue in a single report
  6. If you cannot find an existing report for the issue, report it with the following information:

  • Be sure to include keywords specific to the bug
  • If you get an error message, carefully type it into the title (copy+paste works)
  • If you have a crash, WRITE 'CRASH' IN CAPITAL LETTERS!
    e.g. "CRASH: Game crashed while playing on a dedicated server playing SecTow"
  • We may change the title of your report to make it easier to locate

  • A description of the issue observed
  • Try to be as detailed as possible with your description
    e.g. 'flickering' is more illuminating than 'corrupt' or 'broken'
  • More information is better information. A history of the match up until that point may include the one valuable clue that tips us off to the cause.

Steps to Reproduce
  • A chronological list of steps you took to produce the issue
  • If you have found a 'perfect' way to get this issue, you are awesome and we want to know!
  • Again, don't omit any information you think isn't important; it might be important!

Useful Files
  • DxDiag
    • Ideally we'd like one of these with every report, especially for Video, Audio, Performance and Stability issues
    • You can produce this text file by typing "dxdiag" in the Search bar of the Start menu
    • Use Save all information to save the text file
    • If you don't have somewhere to serve the file from, you can copy the all of the text directly into the end of the report
  • Screenshot
    • Ideally we'd like one of these for every major visual issue you spot
    • You can take this in Steam via F12
    • You can also use Ctrl+Alt+Tilde (Ctrl+Alt+`) to bring down the console; type "screenshot" and press enter to save a screenshot
    • Screenshots are saved to \...\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\#user#\22350\local\base\scree nshots
  • Console Dump
    • You don't necessarily have to include this for every report. If we need one, we'll ask for one.
    • Sometimes error prints in the console can tell us more about an issue
    • You can bring down the console (see above) and type "condump" to produce a log of the most recent events logged to the console
    • Console dumps are saved to \...\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\#user#\22350\local\base\