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    Hello and Merry Xmas!

    I would like to do a little advertisment for this mod. N!tmod 2.0 already out and the 2.1 is also coming soon (infos from Some changes:

    Contact to N!trox if you want test out the n!tmod v2.1 b3 version:
    We will send it to some server admins who are interested in helping us finding bugs and testing it (if you decide to use beta 3, you have to be sure you will update as soon as we can provide another version).
    First, and foremost ! N!tmod 2.1 final will come with some new weapons :
    - Tripmines
    - Poison Gas
    - Poison Gas Landmines

    Other things that they have been done so far:

    * Fixed: Crash when walking on <world>'s landmine
    * Fixed: Vote/Referee menus bugs (mute/unmute overlapping)
    * Added: Flag 128 to g_weapons: MG42 can get headshots
    * Added: Flag 4 to g_TDMoptions: Disable Artillery Support during TDM
    * Added: Flag 32 to g_DMoptions: Disable Artillery Support during DM
    * Fixed: Last frag of the round announce was incorrect in DM
    * Fixed: Players used to be gibbed randomly when dying during DM
    * Fixed: Allow /timerset and /resettimer commands during warmup
    * Fixed: Reset timer when map restarts
    * Fixed: No more "Out of stock" sten in limbo, don't display at all if it doesnt carry over to medics and fieldops
    * Fixed: cg_noAmmoAutoSwitch was broken
    * team_maxTripmines now works correctly
    * Tripmines display ammo like landmines (based on team_maxTripmines - the number of placed landmines)
    * Fixed tickets #3 and #10 : Ammopack texture wasn't correct depending on the player's level
    * Added: Flag 32768 to g_weapons : Enable Tripmines
    * Modified: g_dropAmmo and g_dropHealth will now work in DM
    * Added: Flag 64 to g_DMOptions : Disable health cabinets
    * Added: Flag 128 to g_DMOptions : Disable Ammo cabinets
    * Added: !delrecords shrubbot command to delete a map record. ex.: !delrecords oasis
    * Fixed: Typos in shrubbot help strings
    * Fixed: Typo in losing spree announce
    * Fixed: Don't add duplicated forcecvar's with different values for the same cvar
    * Finished Poison Gas Bomb implementation
    * Fixed: Instant spawn bug when changing team (still needs some testing, but couldn't reproduce the bug locally)
    Here is the list of recent changes :
    * Fixed: Disarming tripmines now adds the tripmine to the correct team
    * Added: g_friendlyFire flag 128 : Teammates don't activate Tripmines
    * Increased max maps for gametype 6 from 32 to 64
    * Added: g_misc flag 1 : Don't let teammates disarm dynamite near objective (only the dynamite owner can disarm it)
    * Added: g_misc flag 2 : Don't give XP to the attacker if the victim has been AFK for 30+ seconds
    * Fixed: Tripmines now use charge bar
    * Fixed: Ticket #6 : ALT stats broken in DeathMatch
    * Fixed: Satchel wasn't inflicting any damage in beta 1/2
    * Removed some unused code
    * Fixed: GARAND/K43 was not shown in limbo if g_weapons' 512 flag wasn't set
    * Fixed: Stats now show up correctly in ALT stats and intermission for poison gas bombs/mines and tripmines
    * Fixed: No activity warning for shrubbot admins with the "inactivity" flag
    * Fixed: Tripmines count was wrong
    * Fixed: Landmines count was not modified when planting poison gas mines
    * Fixed: rcon can now setlevel higher than 64
    * Fixed: Add XP for Poison gas/Tripmine kills
    * Optimized many functions (probably more to come before 2.1 final)

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    Finally a public mod where sniping works like it should. From now on I wont play anything else than this.

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    and how is sniping working in this mod?

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    we are back to play this mod
    where can i find more documentation ?
    their site link seems dead
    thanks you

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    I uploaded for you Nitmod 2.0 documentation:
    N!tmod 2.0 Documentation
    But the latest version of Nitmod is 2.1 RC1 which has no documentation. Only info is changelog.

    Nitmod webpage is down for about two months so I'm afraid it's over
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    Re: (n!tmod)

    So the Competiton mod project still going on ?

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    Why the site is not working?

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    Quote Originally Posted by Infinitypl123 View Post
    Why the site is not working?
    thi is why i posted

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    When will it back?

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    i read in their facebook about nitrox is busy with his work and not have time to work for now in nitmod and also didnt have a computer anymore, so i think this mod will is another dead mod!!

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    I won't call it dead just.

    You said yourself he has no computer, so how would he be possible to work on a mod???
    I am sure he will get things back on track whenever he can!

    Cheer up and stay tuned!

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    Site is back up, along with

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    N!tmod is NOT dead!
    I'm home, got my computer back and my ISP reactivated my internet today

    The site is unfortunately down cuz i don't have any money left to pay for it... Too many bills to pay now and i have to find a new job in here.

    But don't worry, for those who still want it, i'll be working on N!tmod 2.2 again ASAP!

    Oh and by the way, if the project ever stops, i'll open source it

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    you will gonna work in compet again?? Im very interested in this mod, also if you want a server for test porposes tell me, i can provide it to you with full access!!

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    Red face Re: (n!tmod)

    same like for zbzero
    we have different ET servers so if you wanna test it is not a problem at all for us

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    What happened to / Both sites do not work for me anymore...

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonji View Post
    What happened to / Both sites do not work for me anymore...
    3 posts above.

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    Re: (n!tmod)

    got a pm @N!trox

    EDIT: you can also find the n!itmod docs here online:
    I'm an engineer, lets just asume I'm right...


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