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    Hi all,

    I finished my new map necrology_final version.

    Basic Information

    Author : -|PS|- N3crom@nc3r

    Come on playing in Prime Squadron community Server an have fun.

    Internet :

    Servers : PrimeSquadron#1 : NoQuarter1.2.3
    PrimeSquadron#2 : NoQuarter1.2.5
    PrimeSquadron#3 : NoQuarter1.2.9
    PrimeSquadron#5 : NoQuarter1.2.9
    PrimeSquadron#7 : EtPro 3.2.6

    Map Information

    Game : Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory

    Title : necrology_final

    Filename : necrology_final.pk3 and approx 16 Mb

    Release date : 22-10-2010

    Decription : - August 1945 -

    End of second world war is near, but Axis and Allies need to fight for the last time.
    This last combat is to hold dead teamate lost in combat and transport bones in sanctuary to resurect soul.

    Axis and Allies need to secure bones in sanctuary, in total of 8. When time finished the team have secure more bones as the other team win.

    Axis Objective : - Construct resurector (in axis spawn zone)
    - Construct command post (in the abbey zone) for opening crypt door (in crypt zone)
    - Take bones in crypt zone and secure in sanctuary zone

    Allies objective : - Construct resurector (in allies spawn zone)
    - Construct command post (in the abbey zone) for opening door (in crypt zone)
    - Take bones in crypt zone ans secure in sanctuary zone

    Special stuff : In the abbey zone you have for healing blood fountain and for ammo poison fountain.

    Program : SD Radiant 1.4.0

    Q3Map2 version : 2.5.17

    Build time : 7 Month

    Compile time : ~2 Minutes

    New Textures : No
    New Sounds : Yes
    New Models : Yes
    New Musics : NO

    I send you scrennshots from map :

    And for download the map click on this link :

    Have fun.


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    Exclamation Re: necrology_final

    a very great final release map
    we tested it yesterday when the server was back slow and no problem at all

    but later when the server was back full , it crashed on this map
    so i contacted the servers hoster and here the problems
    it is just to inform the guys who have their servers hosted

    It looks like the server is running right now, but it's not responding, or not responding correctly, to queries. I will investigate this and make sure that it's not something on our end.

    It appears that your game server is creating large packets (over 1500 bytes), which are being fragmented. A firewall that we put up to mitigate certain DDoS attacks was blocking packet fragments (as these are not generated by any other legitimate clients), and this was causing our system to miss your query responses.

    I've turned off that filter now, and it looks like this cleared it up. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, and please let me know if you have any more trouble.

    it was just my firewall rule, combined with a glitch in the game. You're all set now, since the firewall rule has been removed and will not be re-added.

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    Re: necrology_final

    Thx Macbeth for the compliment.

    I have not found problem with the map on server, actually 2 server have the map :

    PrimeSquadron 1: with mod NoQuarter 1.2.3
    PrimeSquadron 5: with mod NoQuarter 1.2.9

    And i can certifing as no server crash during the map other end of map.

    I have one modem router and the firewall is on and i have no prob with the map.

    Have fun.


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    Re: necrology_final

    Nice look for the map you got there Necromancer. I'l give it a go later today once I get ET installed on my computer.
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    Re: necrology_final

    Try fg as covertopps on that map !


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