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Thread: Competitive scene

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: Crimson Ravens
    Country: International
    Web page:
    Info: PS3 and 360

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: Sver One
    Country: Spain
    Web page: ,
    Info: PS3
    Members: 55+

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: vdT/ AvidiTy e-Sports
    Country: USA/Canada
    Web page:
    Info: competitive pc team / cod2 , cod4 , WaW , mw2 , blackops. cevo , igl , esl , twl
    members: 20+ , 8members

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: sGs
    Country: Euro
    Web page:
    Info: Competitive PC multigaming clan.
    members: Clanbase roster , ESL roster
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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: Immortals
    Tag: Im
    Steam group and members:
    Competitive: Hell yeah
    Location: Russia

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Update for ZiiP Brink Resistance (No. 3 on first page list).

    Members for Brink; 15
    Members generally; 50+

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Clan name: W4nt3d
    Country: Euro
    Web page:
    Info: PC
    members: Ethanol,needforWeed,Polonium,R3L4X

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    Plz add! Cool idea!

    Clan name: Ghostface .
    Country: Argentina.
    Web page:
    Info: BRINK Clan.
    Members: marrow, Kamikaze, FaCu, Panzerfaust

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Name: bullet hell
    Tag: bhº
    IRC: sometimes
    Competitive: yes
    Location: international

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Name: Teamoxid
    Tag: oxid
    IRC: #teamoxid @ qnet
    Competitive: yes
    Location: German
    Info: Former ET, QL and CoD players

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Let's use this thread for the clan listing. If there's demand for a more "official" thread, that is a-okay with me! Please include your IRC channel / network, if you're competitive, what system you play, and if you are recruiting in your posts as well.

    Matt "Mattc0m" Richards

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    Re: Competitive scene

    Name: Pop-Lock-and-Drop-It
    Tag: Lk#
    Voice box: TS3
    Competitive: yes
    Location: USA, some euros
    Info: Cod players
    Scenes: NESL, TWL

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    Smile Re: Competitive scene

    please add

    Clan name: die Philosoffen
    Country: Germany
    Web page:
    Info: Multigaming Community with ~10 ppl Brink Squad
    Members: Schiffsjunge,...

    semi competitive and recruiting

    PC only
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    Re: Competitive scene

    Hey buddy,

    please add us on the list:

    Clan name: MGC
    Country: EU, Germany
    Web page:
    Info: A nice gaming community since 2010


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