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    I'm only a noob but we all start somewhere

    Map Name: The Great Escape
    Author: Stephen Austin (MindConfusion)
    Description: Allies have been captured and placed into pow (Prisoner of War) camp, where they must escape. This was taken from an old movie called "The Great Escape" a comedy type of movie you can say, I'm sure the old timers know this movie and maybe a few of the youngins.
    Objective: Allies must excape the pow camp in order to surive.
    Website:N/A (will create later date)
    Screenshots:N/A (will be available soon)
    Finish? Should be completed within a week or so, remember I'm a noob.

    If anyone has a problem with me creating a pow camp please let me know, I don't which to create a stir about it (bad memories and such for the families who might have told the stories).
    I would just like everyone to know though I am trying to keep it in detail but not in too much detail, its just your general pow camp not a concentration camp.

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    Hey Go-Gerbil! :blah: i love the conversion of the church loved it then love it now, great job..... cant wait for helm's deep.... i really cant wait, that one looks incredible
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    I've seen this on other places in the forums and its bothering me... this is a world war II game.... WWII was about nazis, concentration camps, and other "offensive" stuff.... i dont see why anyone cant make a concentration camp, and if anyone gives you a problem with it just tell them that you are offended everytime you see someone get killed on ET because you know someone who got shot..... same thing right? This is a game about Allied forces versus the axis forces... the axis forces included nazis...who had concentration camp... if you are that offended with the whole nazi movement and concentration camps then you REALLY shouldnt be playing this game!!! :bash:
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    It would be in poor taste. Which is why there IS no swastika in wolf. None of the maps, as you notice, are about anny of the horrible things in world war 2. Don't try to act like the people who are offended are annoying little flies. A concentration camp level would be highly offensive, just like a swastika. You can still have fun while dancing around these things.

    No, I am not jewish.

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    If you find a concentration camp idea offensive, then don't play it - I hope your own views would not extend to attempting to censoring someone else's right to create a concentration camp map?

    Not sure how you are taking it, if you are merely stating your opinion then cool, if you are suggesting they shouldn't do it, then not so cool :/

    Actually I suspect the swastikas were left out because in some countries symbols such as these are illegal, not because anyone particularly felt like leaving them out - after all, who here does not know what a swastika looks like and does not associate it immediately with the Germans?

    I find more offensive that 'allies' is automatically assumed to be the US, and the 'Axis' are automatically Germans.
    A whole lot of English, European and (MANY more, like 10 times or more) Russians died fighting the Axis powers, and I certainly don't think the Italians or Japanese would be particularly impressed at the time if they were told in future generations they would be a glossed over fact.

    ET / RTCW is about WW2 period.

    As many people died in concentration / extermination camps, a DAMN site more died in fighting. Perhaps we should convert ET into a game using waterpistols so as to not offend anyone?

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    A shot em up game with water pistols? hmm that be a game I'd play lol, maybe someone could be a smartass and do a mod with that lol.

    Anyhow I might extend off my pow camp map since they are all pretty much the same layout with a few extras added in. However if I did I would be sure to add serious warnings over it all "Enter at your own Risk" if ya know what I mean.

    I'd most likely end up creating one though if I get some good reviews am just a newbie, but am learning alot within these past 4 days and printed alot.

    Just for caution if I create one only download at your own risk and play at your own risk, I ain't trying to offend but it was apart of the war and always will be sadly.

    It would be nice to know how many ppl would be interested in see'ing that type of map though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MindConfusion
    It would be nice to know how many ppl would be interested in see'ing that type of map though.
    I reckon the actual setting is largely irrelevant - as long as it plays / looks well people will play on it

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    Illegal issues aside. Yes, the swastika is illegal in Germany. But it would also be in very poor taste for a game to be plastered with Swastikas, no matter how realistic it was. You act as if it's nothing--what if you were Jewish? What if you knew a survivor of the holocaust? You would be greatly offended. Even if you did not make the map--you would be offended that other people were enjoying your pain.

    Sure you could say the same for world war 2 in general, but RTCW and ET purposely put it on a lighter scale and attitude in order to prevent that.

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    My *thinks about it* Dad's (great?) uncle was a desert rat in the war, and he was held in a concentration camp. Do you see me up in arms about it?

    Do you think anyone remotely sensitive to WW2 / holocaust is likely to be playing a WW2 game?

    Make the map I say - people can take political correctness too far.

    A concentration camp in the setting of World War 2 should not be off-limits.

    And how can we leave the fact that the swastika is illegal out of the issue?
    It IS illegal, THAT'S the reason why it was not included.

    THIS IS A GAME - play it, enjoy it, don't read too much into it.

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    Please keep this thread on track.


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    I am one of the most non-politically correct people you will meet. But I still think it's not right. Think about it: "does someone who is offended by it have to play the game? No." What if they want to? What if they like the game concept and gameplay but are highly offended by the swastikas? Furhtermore, even as a non-religious, non-jewish person, I find the Swastika offensive--one of the few things I do. It may have been stolen from a Hindu religion, but now, I find it a representation of hatred. I do not believe illegality is the only reason it was outlawed.

    Hey, make a concetration camp map, I guess, just know I will be against it and it might become controversial. Maybe if you put it in a lighter tone--like all the prisoners escape, or save every last one, and if allies lose, then, somehow, you make it that they don't die. As I said before, Wolf in general is purposely put in a "lighter" light.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sock
    Please keep this thread on track.

    I ditched my Radio Coil stupid map idea. But I'm working on a new one which I think will be sure go.

    Map Name: Panzer Heist
    Setting: German Mountains (fictional)
    Objective: The Allies have located a Panzerfaust factory high atop the German Mountains, mass-producing a new prototype panzer. The Allies must destroy the factory and steal the panzer.
    1) This is an extremely large map.
    2) The Axis are within a very advantageous position being inside a solid stronghold and being on higher ground.
    3) The Allies will have two points of entry: the main gate, which can be opened by destroying the gate control (satchel/dyna) and the mountain's cave/tunnel/elevator system once they establish it (ie fixing the elevator, blowing an entrance to the factory, etc).
    4) Not sure yet how the factory will be destroyed, but my plans for the heist is that the Allies must steal a key within the factory offices, take it to the storage shed outside the factory, unlock/open storage where the prototype panzer is contained in, steal it, then either go through the main gate or the cave system (if that has been established).

    Resource: myself (terrain, gameplay, scripting, brushwork) and Bok (for modelling needs and textures)

    I'm hoping my map will be in alpha within a couple weeks, and should debut on the Ballz Fun Night Server on some Friday. The official release/debut of the final should be on that server as well.

    Wish me luck, I still consider this to be my first map, but I've really gotten a hang of scripting, terrain-mapping, and radiant brushwork, so I hope everything turns out fine :clap:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stektr33
    2) The Axis are within a very advantageous position being inside a solid stronghold and being on higher ground.
    Sorry to go off-topic again so soon, but this statement piques my curiosity. In a videogame, where things like physical difficulty are immaterial, does holding the higher ground still prove advantageous? This is no personal dig, or anything, I'm just curious.

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    Higher groundf in this game usually means better cover, and less chance of being hit by splash damage from stuff.

    EG on battery, if an allie is hiding behind the rocks by the sea, you can fire a panzer behind / to the side, and it'll hit the ground near them and they die.
    However, if an axis is hiding above the ramp, firing a panzer will simply zoom past into the sky...

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    Higher ground doesn't have as much of an advantage as it could have. There's no gravity, grenades bounce once then stop even on the steepest of slopes and players can run up just as fast as down. So the normal physical advantages of being on higher ground don't apply, although there is still some significant advantage for other reasons (like the ones Gerbil said..)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lockeownzj00
    Hey, make a concetration camp map, I guess, just know I will be against it and it might become controversial.
    Only if you make it so, no-one else really gives a rat's arse - there are POW / concentration camps out for RTCW and no-one batted an eye lid

    On topic now:

    Converting never-finished RTCW map to ET, screenshots so far are here:

    This was (is) a joint a effort from the mapping forum I mod - sadly RTCW linux servers couldn't seem to handle it (too big / detailed). I'm hoping that ET copes more graciously with it since in general their maps are bigger than RTCW ones. If not, I'll split it into 2 smaller maps and make a mini-campaign

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    gerbil, that map looks awesome... cant wait to play it, church owns too :banana:


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    Satellite Assault
    The idea is that the Axis are holding a satellite which they plan to use for advanced scouting (or I could make it some sort of laser... but dont think they had the technology). the Allies need to destroy it coz... yeh...

    Allied Objectives
    1) Blow the city gate and bunker door as alternate route
    2) Capture and hold the city
    3) Blow the cave doors
    4) Destroy the rocket to prevent the satellite being sent up

    Axis Objectives
    1) Defend the gate and bunker door
    2) Prevent the cave doors being blown
    3) Defend the rocket

    Also axis can construct wooden defences that can be blown by satchel charge.

    I had nearly completed the mapping stage until I changed the objective. gota change my map a little now... any ideas about the space rocket as an objective?


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    damn you Gerbil -

    Gerbil + Chavo_one = unbeatable custom maps

    the only mind to even attempt to knock these two off is Drakir and maybe BXpress if he can script and has a good idea of ET as a player.


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