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    It seems promising
    It's hard to figure out the scale of the map though.

    You should create a specific thread to show your map.

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    We now have a site registered, the site isnt up yet but the address is
    Hopefully the site will be up within a few days :drink:

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    Might as well chuck my own efforts in then.
    I do have a campaign planned (3 actually, 3 maps each, but no point in saying what they are cos we all know iit's easy to plan, but almost impossible to finish!)


    Yes, it's Helm's Deep...

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    Oh man, that helms deep one looks sweet!

    must.. play it...

    yes, I'm a LotR freak

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    heh I like the operation chariot better

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    Sock, are there going to be any conversions of the MultiPlayer maps from RTCW over to ET? And are WE allowed to convert those or will ID Software be banging on my door?
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    Go Gerbil... Helm's Deep.... you gotta do that one.... looking very nice.. hope everyone got to see it so that horde's of people bug you and bug you until you put it out.
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    Hey "Pog's" when do you expect to be finished with that campaign and are you fgonna release it all together or are you gonna release it level by level..with all the suspense to see the next mission in the campaign? :bump:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Psifen
    Sock, are there going to be any conversions of the MultiPlayer maps from RTCW over to ET? And are WE allowed to convert those or will ID Software be banging on my door?
    nopel, they cant becuase of copyright stuff

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    tribase (temp name)


    Allies -

    1) Destroy the outdoor radar array and secure the outer base
    2) Penetrate the inner base and locate the two axis rocket control stations
    3) Destroy south missile launch controls before the missile fires
    4) Destroy north missile launch controls before missile fires

    Axis -

    1) Defend outer base, protect radar array
    2) Defend missile controls

    No, this map isnt based on that one in rtcw.. although there are similarities. I might even replace the missiles with something else, like radar controls or large axis supercomputers so people dont get 'confused'

    Right now only the outside portion has been worked on, in fact here are a couple early, poorly lit screenies:

    This is the outside portion of the base, the Allies spawn sort of behind and to the left of the location that this screenie was taken from. There are 3 entrances to the main courtyard, one thru the big ass hole you see in the wall, one going over a narrow pass through some of the higher hills on the left (it sorta comes out behind those boxes) and a 3rd entrance - a portion of the wall that needs to be blown by dynamite, located in the far upper right corner of the base. Upon getting into the base, allied engineers need to make their way to the top of the base (where ill be putting the radar) and blowing it up. This will secure a spawn located inside this base (which can be taken earlier by a cov ops sneaking in thru the axis only doors and capturing it) from which the allies will start working on phase 2.

    A shot of some of the ladders and stairs that can be used to take the roof from the outside.

    A shot of the outside of the base, near entrance #3. Its not too clear in this shot, but there is a darker grey portion of the wall which can be detonated by dynamite.

    Ok, thats about it for now. If your thinking that this section looks like its not too challenging for allies, your right - its not supposed to be. Its supposed to be as difficult as say.. destroying the wall in oasis or repairing the tank in goldrush. The indoor objectives will be much more challenging. Anyway, ill update as i continue work. Any comments or questions are welcome

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    Gerbils Helms Deep map is extremely sweet!!! I'm dying to play it!!!
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    ok i'm working starting work on 3 map campaign. its a long long way off yet and I need to start it but its planned out. I'm also new to mapping so it will take longer because of learning stuff still. basically it will run over 3 maps and the allies will need to steal some documents from the axis and take them away by truck.

    objectives will be as follows:

    map 1: allies: destroy viallge gate defense
    caputure the village
    destroy sewer entrance for alternative route
    destroy village power supply(if not blown then next map the main gate will need to be blown to gain access to base)

    axis: defend village gate defense
    hold village possesion
    defend sewer entrance
    defend village power supply(if not blown then next map the main gate will need to be blow to get access to base)

    map 2: allies: destroy base wall
    destroy door axis main door (if not power station not blown previous round)
    steal axis documents
    take documents to escape truck.

    axis: Defend base wall
    defend main door (if power supply not destroyed previous round)
    prevent allies from stealing documents

    map 3: allies: escort truck to viallge exit road
    destroy axis's road block
    prevent axis from destroying truck

    axis: destroy allies escape truck
    build road block
    defend road block

    I will post more infomation and (eventually) screenshots. its still a long way off so i wouldn't wait for it :bored:

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    The [color=orange]Secret Operations [/color]team has set up their own forums.
    Please come see our work at :

    and join if you think you can help us.

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    I'm working on my first map, and so far so good. I haven't gotten into the heavy game scripting yet, so we'll see how it goes.

    Map Name: Radio Coil
    Setting: The Allied forces have discovered an abandoned radio outpost near an Axis ammunition plant. Reports indicate that the plant is mass producing prototype explosive small machine gun shells. Due to risky circumstances, the Allied team cannot use their conventional radios to transmit the location of the plant. The radio outpost must be rebuilt.

    Allied Objective
    1. Storm the Axis radio station
    2. Destroy the Axis radio and steal the radio parts (the radio coil)
    3. 'Plug' the stolen radio parts into the Allied radio and rebuild the radio
    4. Ensure the Axis power generator is running.
    5. Transmit.

    Axis Objective
    1. Defend the Axis radio
    2. Destroy the power generator

    I have some priliminary screenshots of the allied base, but I'm going to redo the terrain a little bit. I will post my official radiocoil site at: on Aug 1 Friday.

    I want to say thanks this forum's members for all the wealth of information you've put in here for us n00bs :clap:
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    Mapname: TBA(to be announced)

    Location: Some Desert town

    Info: The Axis have launched an invasion force into America to steal secret atomic-bomb research papers from the Allies.


    Destroy the SDT Wall
    Break into the courtyard
    Steal the Reasearch Papers

    Protect the SDT Wall
    Prevent the Axis from reaching the courtyard
    Protect the Reasearch Papers

    Axis & Allies: Build all command posts and MG42's

    Planned release date: Whenever it's done :skull: Will have screenies soon(hopefully)

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    Re: All current ET mapping projects

    Map name: Stalag (i'm not very sure)
    Map description:
    1944, Allies POW need to escape from Stalag #7
    situated at Moosburg, Bavaria....

    Map objectives:

    0: (main obj) destroy the main enter at the floor 0
    1: Build a lift/bridge
    2: Escape from the caves
    3: Capture the orthopedic floor

    The map will be a mix between fueldump and oasis, hope to have some screenshots at least to september.
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    Map name: Egyptian pyramid
    Desc.: It's a fictious scenario, axis try to steal Anubis from the pyramid. Allies must prevent that.

    There are 6 objectives
    1st-3rd: Destroy the tunnel walls
    4.: Steal the Anubis
    5.: Repair the pyramid
    6.: Load the Anubis on the truck to escape

    few early stage pics:

    I still have a long way to go I don't think I'm even half way throu. It's my first map.

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    'Sadly' I have another ET map much nearer completion that I want to get out of the way first because it was a joint effort and everyone else's work is waiting on me

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    :???: but how will the boats of the chariot move can you drive them :???:

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    To StormShadow - map looking very nice - only prob i can see is your terrain -you will have to play around with your alphamap to get better use of that darker texture on mountain side - and also change the TCMOD scale of your terrain - its too "tiled"
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