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Thread: Tutorials and et mapping resources

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    Tutorials and et mapping resources

    Version 1.27 (updated: 7th May 2004)

    Alot of time has been spent by alot of people answering questions here at this forum. The first thing you should do is search the forums before asking your question. Here is a quick list of useful threads on ET mapping. Please take the time to read these threads carefully:

    Online ET Level Designers Reference Manual V1.1


    Map Basic Requirements -
    Making an ET map for First Timers -
    Command maps in ET -
    Command map markers -
    Multiple levels to Command maps in ET -
    Objflags, what are they? -
    Tanks and script_movers -
    Single stage construction -
    Dynamite objectives -
    Forward Spawn points -
    how to make a misc_gamemodel (bsp->ase->md3) -
    Phong Shading -
    Texture alignment on patches -
    Planting Trees -
    PK3 creation -
    Map VO scripts -
    Health and Ammo Cabinets -
    Converting a BSP to ASE -
    How to LOD models in ET -
    How to make a Skybox Shader?? -
    Custom shader in target_smoke entity -

    Region compiling ** VERY USEFUL ** -
    Using a batchfile to compile a map -
    Easygen Templates -
    How to fix SD radiant's full model path problem -

    Basic Team doors -
    Constructible Team doors -
    Destructible Team doors -
    Script Mover Team doors -

    ETPro Mapping Information

    Objectives outside of the compass -
    Changes to Battery Map via new scripting code -

    Additional Mapping Resources - Milkshape Modeling Tutorial for RTCW - Collection of WW2 posters
    MD3 tag exporter -
    MD3 tag exporter (Source) - - Compiler Application/Front-end - Info on a possible place to store screenshots on the net

    Mapping Tutorials - Great collection of tutorials and information - General mapping tutorials - Very good collection of RTCW tutorials - Various tutorials for ET - Image based tutorial on dyno objectives - Command post tutorial (No pictures) - Massive list of Q3 tutorials - Radiant editor tutorials - Various RTCW tutorials - A couple of RTCW scripting tutorials - Various RTCW based tutorials - Easygen (Requires registeration at the TramDesign Site) - German Mapping page with over 100 Tutorials and Video-Tutorials for the Quake 3 Engine. BTW its in german as well! - Technical Support forum - Good step by step guide for building a Q3 map (by Quakin) - Helpful videos for anyone starting out on q3/rtcw/et mapping

    Possible WW2 architecture reference - Amazing pictures of mine buildings (1-6 Galleries) - For example do a search on bridges.

    A while back I spoke to someone called "some guy i know" and asked him if I could use his list of links for textures and resources. Here is the list with updated information from other users on this forum. If you find any of the links below not working please post and let me know and I will remove them. If you can think of anymore links which should be added to this list then please post in this thread.

    Please Note: Always check the copyright information before using other people's textures. I will tidy this thread up every now and then and merge all posts into one.

    Potential Texture & Architecture Sites Collection of blueprints Egyptian pictures (occasionally 404s, many royalty-free non-tiling textures) (many free very high-quality non-tiling textures) (snow and ice textures and skyboxes) ** My site ** (nearly 1000 Q3A; 11 Q3A skyboxes) ** Ydnar's texture site ** (hard to navigate) (about 800 original royalty-free high-quality non-tiling photo JPEGs) (textures in map .pk3s) (samples) (natural and dressed stone, tiling. READ copyright!) (60Mb zip, 2000+ public domain textures) (hard to navigate, scattered photos) (hard to navigate, scattered photos) (some non-tilable, not powers of 2) (web textures, tileable, many 128x128 JPEGs suitable for Q3A) (over 800 512x512 tileable web background textures) (large, high-quality photos and (non-tiling) textures) (links to medieval architecture sites) (commercial, tiling) (JK/MotS mats) (great site for map/texture ideas!) (none tileable) (photos, none tileable, copyright restricted) (commercial, photos, none tilable, samples watermarked, good for ideas) (8-bit GIF/PCX, 24-bit BMP, tiling) (site unnavigable without JavaScript) (Q3A skins, look under "Misc." for some textures) (1000-2000 Q3A, maybe more) (Q3A, some CTF, also Q2 textures elsewhere on page) (about 300 Q3A tiling, also Q2 at (over 180 Q3A, about 60 Q2, tiling; 3 skyboxes) (photos useful as sources for textures. READ conditions of use!) (hundreds of Q1, over 100 Q2) (BMP, PCX, UTX, WAL, JPG for various games (mainly Unreal), tiling) (tileable GIFs) (TGA texture set) (claimed UTX and BMP, site unnavigable without JavaScript) (links to texture sites, tuts; many broken links) (pictures of stone structures and buildings; no textures found) (about 15 Q2/Q3A skyboxes; use "512x512" links for Q3A) (free and commercial; requires some searching) (50-60 stills from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark) 2000 photorealistic textures.

    Skies (environment maps) and possibly textures (snow and ice textures and skyboxes)

    Texture and other image tutorials and manuals (reducing "patterning" on tiled textures) (links to texture tutorials) German True Type Fonts (Photoshop addons) (commercial terrain builder, demo available) (free image editor for Linux and Windows) (shareware texture creation program with lots of features) (commercial, for creating skyboxes)

    Sound Libraries Online sound effects library Sound libraries

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    All additional links have been added to the top post. If anyone has any useful/reference thread/sites which need to be included in this list then please post a reply with a link. All other posts NOT related to the topic will be deleted, please use the main forum for any general help queries. Thank you.

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    Images of Ruins (among many others):
    A website about Frankfurt am Main during WWII. All text is in German, but just click around. Under "Topographie" on the left you find maps of the city with clickable links to related articles. Under "Krieg und Zerstörung" (War and Destruction) at the top you find lots of photos. You can zoom into most images twice - first by clicking on an image, second by clicking "Bild nochmals vergrößern" (Zoom in again). Click again to go back. At the bottom of most pages you will find a link called "Weitere Beiträge zu verwandten Themen" - click this to see a list of related articles for the current topic.

    Pictures and stats of german tanks and other vehicles:
    Panzer Waffe 1939 - 1945. A website with a list of all German tanks, esp. with their Sd.Kfz. numbers (which helps searching further informations). Additionally photos for nearly all vehicles. The only drawback (for non-Polish speakers) is that texts are in Polish.

    3D-Models of vehicles:
    3D-Models of tanks, s.p.-guns, airplanes and many other. Some are for free. Read (and observe) the License agreement.

    Mapping ideas:
    Articles about the Battle of the Bulge (or in German the "Ardennenoffensive") . A good source for mapping ideas, e.g.

    Sounds, photos, videos and other art:
    LeMO (Lebendiges virtuelles Museum Online - animated virtual museum online). Website about German history from 1900 - 2000. All text in German. To get directly to the image/audio/video galleries use the Suche (search) function. Most entries are listed with a date/year, so it should be easy to find WWII related stuff.

    Songs from WWII:
    Songs from WWII (including German folk songs, marshes etc.). Most with lyrics and a .mp3. Some with .midi files. I guess most will know the song "Ob's stürmt oder schneit" (das Panzerlied, the tank song) from the movie "Battle of the Bulge". Remember that some songs might be banned by law in Germany (e.g. the Horst Wessel Lied). has alot usefullstuff, e.g.:
    Chronological day by day index of WWII
    Maps from WWII
    Tanks of WWII (some with 4-view drawings: front, back, top and side)

    PS: The page has moved to

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    A note on appendix C - the common textures. The clipmissile texture has the description: "Based on the standard clip brush. Blocks all projectiles."

    But the texture doesn't clip guns and flamerthrowers. You might wan't to add that. If people want to block all weapons its clipweap*

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    i found this

    :???: i think this forum should be on the list, i had trouble figuring out how to use this function and the forum helped me alot.

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    Here you can find perfect pictures of abandoned russian factories etc.
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    texture & architecture

    don't work anymore.


    allows to search for categorized sounds by keywords and after you've chosen
    one you can search for additional sound that are similar to your first one.

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    //*Post Edit*\\

    Site in spanish

    Tutorials in spanish.


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    You might want to add this site, its in german, but if you click on various industries on the left, you can click some of the topics above the new section, some great photo sourcing to be had here

    Frozen goods section, where brains are fresh

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    Desert King - delayed due to personal problems.

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    could you make a subheading for Scripting tutorials?
    Or a page with script examples?
    Would be very useful
    Desert King - delayed due to personal problems.

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    [EDITED]Thanks nUllSkillZ for the link [/EDITED]

    Warning! Newbie question! Where can i get SD Radiant ?

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    There are some useful tutorials at:
    Urban Terror Map Depot: Article / Category / Tutorials

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    You can Get_It it at the download page on this site, it's called WolfET_Tool...
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    I found a (russian?) site with some blueprints, textures and models. I don't know if they're free, maybe someone is able to read and translate the terms.

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    Copy the link into the babel fish:

    Select Russian to English

    Or, you could just click on "English" in the top right.

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    Buttons Tutorial

    WW2 architecture reference - many info and links to articles about many world war 2 locations and images.

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    Here's an amazing site with information about nearly all WW2 vehicles :
    While the site may be less helpful with architecture, it should be a boon to mappers creating vehicle prefabs for use in their maps.
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