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  1. Re: Can someone please explain how Ranked works?

    What about those with no rank yet? Is there a max rank they can't play with? These people seem to be randomly inserted into games, I've played with gold and gotten no-ranked people. (Many real nubs).
  2. Re: Can someone please explain how Ranked works?

    How is it measured though when it tries to balance? Is k/d ratio or accuracy etc taken into account? Or what?
  3. Will there be a new forum or will these forums now be the main forums for DB?

    Well, question is stated in topic.

    I'm also wondering if there will be added a section for clans/recruitment/competition. EDIT: Or can some existing section be used for recruitment?

    TAW you...
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    Re: New kind of hack/wth?

    I had 60+ kills and 28 deaths in my last stopwatch/ranked. (I'm not a hacker).

    I am very happy when I get accused of hacking though :). That always feels good.
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    Re: Leavers should not get penalty

    Another thing you could do is join TAW and played ranked in team ;)!

    Mustang knows what I'm talking about.
  6. Re: Ranked - same map several times in a row :(

    I played Terminal ranked 7 times in a row yesterday, then I went to bed after that....
  7. Is there a way to remove special edition loadout cards?

    I spend my first 1000 ranked points on a special edition card yesterday, got a Sparks with crappy stuff and no healing abilities lol.

    How do I remove it?

    If a way doesn't exist, please create...
  8. Why can't you shoot/pick up mines when they are EMPd?

    It never made sense to me why you can't shoot or pick up a mine when it's EMPd, I get disabling mines, but it gets a bit silly. Maybe remove the noise that Phantoms shield makes rather than have...
  9. Set a limit for textchat in how many sentences you can do during a certain time

    I assume there is no such limit, since I see people spam the chat all the time.

    Today for example there was a guy that kept spamming the textchat with about two random letters almost every...
  10. Re: Master server acting up? Server disconnections

    I will let Rex handle this one.....
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    Re: TAW European Battalion recruiting

    You can either apply on or come play with us as a guest, just message me if you want to do that.
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    Re: Please fix mute

    There are even people playing bad vulgar rap music to everyone on servers....
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    Re: Please fix mute

    Seriously though.

    Last patch came out early/mid October. It's mid November now.

    Why not just release a hotfix in that time?

    This is an important issue.
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    Please fix mute

    Mute has been broken for ages now.

    We had such an annoying and vulgar person on our server I had to shut voice volume off......

    He was basically just shouting, making noise, and screaming stuff...
  15. Thread: rhino

    by Chronicler

    Re: rhino

    Maybe they changed something, but I don't experience this issue, I just hold the right click to spin the barrel and then just fire when I want to. I don't feel the wait is very long, imo it's better...
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    Bug or was something changed?

    I've noticed my fires with Stoker never seems to finish anymore.

    Could it be a bug with the cobalt loadout card I got for him? Or did they change it so fires do not finish anymore?
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    Re: Cool addition for Stoker

    But that's not a gas mask no? =P, seems more like one of those things that's suppose to protect against disease.
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    Cool addition for Stoker

    It looks like Stoker is wearing a gas mask, and still he doesn't seem to be able to run through the gas on side objectives when paths are blocked by blowing up pump controls. >_>

    Would be cool if...
  19. Please change execution mission from rounds to exp

    People join Execution games and go afk to get their rounds (they know kicking someone is hard). This would be fixed by changing to exp instead.
  20. Re: @SD, could you hide levels already for gods sake ?

    You good sir, will be the Princess of the Rose, or the Duke of Berlin, your pick.
  21. My suggestions for limitations/improvements on special abilities on mercs

    This post will deal mostly with special abilities, but I would like to add a side note on weaponry, it would be nice for Splash Damage to add maybe an SMG on some of the shotgun-only mercs, for those...
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    Re: Problem with server authentication

    K, I know a guy with some experience with that, maybe you can ask him, I will message you his e-mail.
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    Re: Problem with server authentication

    So did you try to create your own server or create a local LAN over VPN?

    Anyhow, there has been some issues with server authentication, last we heard it was fixed, maybe something happened again....
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    Re: Future of the DB

    If we just keep wishing hard enough maybe it will become true.
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    Re: New ETQW frag movie by .numb

    2): It's probably because CS outdates QW, and people play what they know >_>. I wish QW could go free to play though.

    EDIT: And onYn, come back to TAW!
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