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    Re: TAW European Battalion recruiting

    Hey guys, we are still around, starting another internal tournament soon. So come join TAW EU Quake Wars :)!
  2. Re: What is going on with the extra supplies augment?

    I just found it a strange augment/perk for mercs with ammo stations....

    Though I would argue it's great support when I take out the entire enemy team with laser when defending objective ;)
  3. Re: What is going on with the extra supplies augment?

    I'll have to check later, but I could swear to you that Kiras laser is 40 sec for me normally, and that's why I was so surprised when it was 50 sec, because I expected 32 sec with extra supplies.
  4. Re: What is going on with the extra supplies augment?

    Why would they give Kira extra supplies for ammo station? My understanding from what I was told by people before was that if I used extra supplies with Phoenix for example my healing ability would...
  5. What is going on with the extra supplies augment?

    I think it's totally bugged.

    I recently started using it with Kira to try it out (I like katana and you can't get that one+extra supplies), but everyone kept telling me that extra supplies+extra...
  6. Thread: Gifting

    by Chronicler

    Re: Gifting

    Why not spend it like the rest of us do Alphabeta and buy thousands of equipment cases lol.
  7. Re: Will scrapping/removal of ranked loadouts be forthcoming?

    Yeah, I just want removal since I can't be bothered with favorites/filters etc. Then everything is reset at every update....

    Easier just to scrap right away if you don't want something.
  8. Will scrapping/removal of ranked loadouts be forthcoming?


    I was just wondering if this would ever be made possible? I got so many Sparks (only lol) cards they get in the way when wanting to quickly pick a loadout. Maybe I can hide them somehow?
  9. Re: What is going on with xp in ranked? Can someone explain it.

    I don't care about levels, but I care about the cases you get every time you level lol.
  10. What is going on with xp in ranked? Can someone explain it.

    I was told by some people that xp in ranked was "fixed" meaning you get the xp you get at the end of the game.


    So I started the game 356k to next level, I made 16k+ xp in the game...
  11. Would be nice to be able to spend weapon kits on melee weapons

    I got the weapons kits, the fragments and the credits, but I am reluctant to create a cobalt Kira because I fear with my luck I will never get the katana.

    Could there be a change in the future to...
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    OTHER What's going on with missions?

    I've noticed that missions are bugged lately.

    For example I got a 12k Kira mission, got 6k xp in one map, then mission was suddenly finished.

    Gotten similar things with support, game mode and...
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    Re: Remove shuffle team system

    There needs to be limitations though, I've been in fairly balanced games where my side was winning (stopwatch), with maybe 5 min or so left someone calls shuffle.....
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    Re: Some fixes for private match

    6. Seems if you played ranked before regular bonuses are cancelled for stopwatch and win, and also wins and losses don't show up for me anymore for new games :/
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    Re: Some fixes for private match

    Found another thing that needs fixing:

    5. If you create a private match lobby and invite people, this problem can occur, we had 18 people for an 8vs8 and two wanting to spectate, so we tried to...
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    Some fixes for private match

    1. If someone has just been spectacting the entire game, make sure they can leave if necessary (join another game)

    2. Change it so specs can join a game if they want

    3. Make sure the private...
  17. Re: Anyone interested in playing Ranked:Execution Mode ?

    I'm always up for playing any execution since it's my favorite mode. We need some new maps in this mode devs!
  18. Re: Can someone please explain how Ranked works?

    What about those with no rank yet? Is there a max rank they can't play with? These people seem to be randomly inserted into games, I've played with gold and gotten no-ranked people. (Many real nubs).
  19. Re: Can someone please explain how Ranked works?

    How is it measured though when it tries to balance? Is k/d ratio or accuracy etc taken into account? Or what?
  20. Will there be a new forum or will these forums now be the main forums for DB?

    Well, question is stated in topic.

    I'm also wondering if there will be added a section for clans/recruitment/competition. EDIT: Or can some existing section be used for recruitment?

    TAW you...
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    Re: New kind of hack/wth?

    I had 60+ kills and 28 deaths in my last stopwatch/ranked. (I'm not a hacker).

    I am very happy when I get accused of hacking though :). That always feels good.
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    Re: Leavers should not get penalty

    Another thing you could do is join TAW and played ranked in team ;)!

    Mustang knows what I'm talking about.
  23. Re: Ranked - same map several times in a row :(

    I played Terminal ranked 7 times in a row yesterday, then I went to bed after that....
  24. Is there a way to remove special edition loadout cards?

    I spend my first 1000 ranked points on a special edition card yesterday, got a Sparks with crappy stuff and no healing abilities lol.

    How do I remove it?

    If a way doesn't exist, please create...
  25. Why can't you shoot/pick up mines when they are EMPd?

    It never made sense to me why you can't shoot or pick up a mine when it's EMPd, I get disabling mines, but it gets a bit silly. Maybe remove the noise that Phantoms shield makes rather than have...
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