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    i am out

    When the mods close and censor legitimate posts, it is time to go.

    I am out, stay closed minded and in the dark my friends.
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    even play advantage

    It feels like Dirty Bomb has put in an even play equalizer. With all the complaints about unfair teams, I think they are giving an advantage to the team that is loosing big.

    Ever been in a game...
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    Re: random play good algorithm

    It still makes sense to me. If I have a KDR of 3 and 20 every game I would quit after 20 games of that. If they sprinkled in an easier headshot one game out of 10 and my KDR was 20 and 10, that...
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    random play good algorithm

    I feel like there is a random play good algorithm. Every now and again I have a game where I destroy it. usually, I suck. I dont think is me playing better, I think there is a built in alogorithm...
  5. Re: The DB Genome Project needs your help!

    Not an accident.

    "What is the Genome Project?
    The Dirty Bomb Genome Project started as an effort to visually document the available loadout cards for all the DB mercs, but has since expended to...
  6. Re: The DB Genome Project needs your help!

    I would like to see some ballistics stuff added in here. like it takes 14 body shots with the kel 10 to kill fragger and stuff like that.
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    Re: obsidian card

    I don't like the gun, I don't think I would use the card.

    I don't like the yellow ranked cards either.
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    obsidian card

    The limited edition obsidian loadout card, can't be recycled, can it?
  9. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    Ok, so the case drop have been going really well since ranked started back up. I believe out of 10 drops I got 2 or 3 bronze and a silver.

    It feels like the upped the pay off chances.

    Does any...
  10. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    Just did another 100 cases.

    77 lead (1,555)
    18 Iron (810)
    4 Bronze (540)
    1 Silver (540)

    With 200 cases opened
  11. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    It was not even close.

    buying a Nader loadout pack for $100,000 will get you 9 bronze load outs. That can be recycled for 1,215.

    buying 100 cases for $100,000 got me 100 load outs that can be...
  12. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    it should have been 2% you are correct!
  13. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    I opened 100 boxes and here is what I got
    78 lead
    15 Iron
    5 Bronze
    2 Silver

    those will translate straight to percentages.

    The advertised probability
  14. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    Forgive the multiple posts, I have only made 15 posts and I have to get my post approved, so I can't see them yet.

    The advertised probability

    Lead 66.9%
    Iron 22%
    Bronze 7.5%
    Silver 2%
  15. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    So i just did 20 cases and got 18 lead (270 credits) and 2 iron (90 credits). I'm going to do 100 to see what happens.
  16. Re: Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    I just did the math and the probability is you will get 2 silver loadout cards, so recycling them will get you 1080, just for those 2 cards. That's almost as much as the recycling all of the bronze...
  17. Best way to build credits for cobalt loadout

    Ok. so I have all the mercs and I have ranked, or at least good bronze load outs for all of the mercs. I am building money and I have $220,000.

    At his point what is the smart move to build...
  18. Ranked EU is so much better then NA

    I started playing on the Ranked EU servers. If you play from 12:00 to 6:00 Eastern us time, you get into games in under 5 minutes, sometimes under 1 minute. So when you play you are always with...
  19. Re: Will scrapping/removal of ranked loadouts be forthcoming?

    I say, just let me recycle the ranked cards.
  20. Thread: doubles

    by Major_Slapnuts


    I got a double ranked load out card for Nader.

    I guess I am just stuck with 2 of the same cards?

    Dirty Bomb, let me recycle for appropriate points or something.
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    penalty for leaving

    What is the penalty for leaving?
  22. ranked match making defaults to europe

    My ranked matchmaking defaults to Europe even though I am in North America?

    Is it supposed to do that?
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    game balistics

    Has anyone done a work-up of how many shots it takes to kill a merc?

    For example, this gun takes 10 body shots to kill Phantom.

    and this gun can fire those 10 shots in 4 seconds.

    I guess...
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    Re: list of players

    For a time I thought the after the warm up you were ranked by who did the best, but it doesn't seem like that now.

    Maybe it is just who connects first,
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    Re: ranked loadout cards

    does anyone know? Is ranked loadout cards only for ranked?
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