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    Okay, thanks, that's what we have been doing too. We'll start a match on either Reactor,Terminal, or Refuel. That usually works. I have so many people on my friends list now playing Brink that I could easily fill a 16-man game too. But, it's fun playing vs randoms as well.

    I hope you consider party/lobby support in Brink 2 for consoles. PC guys get the luxury of the server list that we don't get.

    Thanks for your reply.
  2. This is not something we've run into so far. :O

    But I asked our Online Services Designer, Matt, and this is what he said:

    Only thing I can suggest outside of custom games is to try to pick quite specific matchmaking settings rather than general ones. If you pick something like a Standard Objective match with Any map and Any rank, youíll find lots of games and theyíre likely to be full, because the matchmaking query isnít being that picky about the type of game.

    If you pick more specific settings, picking the exact map you want and the exact rank for example, there is less chance that the matchmaking code will find an exact match and so there is more chance that those guys will host the game themselves.

    It might mean the match is a little empty to start with, but that gives you all chance to join and it should soon fill up with all those people who donít care about what the game modes or maps are.

    With the system as it is thatís about the best we can suggest.
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    Hi Exedore,

    I messaged you on XBL but I thought I might try here as well in case you're too busy working on the next DLC to play games.

    Awesome work with the AoC DLC. We Brink regulars love it. It also seemed to improve the population on XBL a lot! Woo hoo! Lots of new players and full servers. We had a hard time finding a game with enough open spots to get our party of 4 inside a public standard match. What do you recommend to do?

    We don't want to do a private match, we want to go public-standard. But then, if our "match scout" gets stuck in a pub match that only has 2 spots open, he has to bail and try again over and over until we find an open pub standard match.

    I look forward to your suggestion. Thanks in advance.

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