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    TDO-clan is wolfenstein ET gaming clan

    server ip


    ps:TDO-Clan recuite membre and promote them to admins very fast

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    #iG. is a gaming community which was started by Chuck in 2014. The community is growing really fast and is surely going to be one of the famous clans at the moment. Our community simply aims to provide a reliable, consistent and stable platform for adult PC gamers.

    Our primary focus is on maintaining our social network of gamers, encouraging and supporting them to play online together.

    We host some of today's most popular games including Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Call of Duty 4

    Recruitment Rules

    1. We are recruiting every age, but you must behave like a mature person.

    2. Be faithful, we don't like clan-hoppers and cheaters.

    3. Be active on our forum and at game servers.



    #iG.Chuck ❃ chucknorris1992

    #iG.YingYang ❃ kingbenny5000

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  • Pharmacy

    Hello every body

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  • Victorious Revolution | Dirty Bomb

    Victorious Revolution (VREV) prides itself on being a fun, welcoming community for those who wish to play in an environment that encourages teamwork and friendship, combined with good sportsmanship. Members of the community are expected to, at all times, respect its fellow members, it's command structure and opponents.



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