Wolfenstein Enemy-Territory Olympics

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  1. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    Well the few disciplines I had in mind, I think I am forgetting some right now..

    Basketball, Tankrace, Trickjumping, deathmatch, capture the flag, objective, base race, regular gameplay.

    Basketball powerball/domination; I have a mapscript ready for it.

    Tank race with falckonET. Need to find some suitable maps or modify them, for example with q3map2 a map can be scaled up/down. (without needing to decompile or anything - just all md3 models will ahve wrong size.)
    So minas tirith, a race from top to bottom, in upscaled map. People will get stuck like mad at the edges.. so dunno yet.

    With scaling up/down a map, it could be fun to play goldrush or oasis in a huge variant. E.g. triple the map size, and double the player speed.

    The thing I coded which could be used - but probably to silly . is a qmm plugin which allows to modify timescale ingame, and it allows to modify behaviour of panzerfausts and satchel charges - so that they dont stop bouncing off the walls.
  2. Indloon
    Tank race
  3. zbzero
    i see now what you have in mind but how this will work???

    when you say (exemple) capture the flag / objective ..... how this will work???

    for objective will be based in how fast the teams finish the map, like in stopwatch??

    how we will work togheter to get this event ready??

    what we need do to make this happens??

    I can provide some ET servers without a problem but will be euro servers, my dedicated server is in europe.

    Sorry to ask so much!!
  4. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    Ask as much as you want, I am told there are only stupid answers. Even though I am still confused about that saying .. lol regarding the amount of spam there exists.
    Having slept over it again..

    1000 words limit, what a pain in the ass.
  5. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    Capture the flag - CTF, there are some ET mods which allow for that mod to happen. And some maps which have that built in, for example fata_morgana. It would also be possible to modify a map with mapscripts and remove the objectives and add CTF elements. (can be quiet some work..)

    Objective - Would be the Classic ET. So normal settings, etpro probably best, stopwatch mode as you mention. What Clanbase and other competitions nearly every year do. That would probably fit CB rules 3vs3 and 6vs6 , but 1vs1 would be cool also.

    TankRace - FalckonET only , unless we get some other mod with tanks.

    et tower b27j (link)- fun - team who gets most points - settings basically irrelevant - in other words we have to define them yet. For example knife only, or panzers only.
  6. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    Overall I can modify a map with mapscripts and q3map2. It is possible to resize a map, bigger or smaller, add spawns, remove spawns, add Goals and a ball for Powerball mod, aalter objectives for Capture the flag.
    I have a qmm script which allows to modify following: Respawntimes, sv_fps, timescale (bullet time), loadout of all players, make missile weapons bounce of everything which is not a player - mortars bounce till end of map, rockets explode after some time.. Satchels are fun..
    But I have no idea how to make out of some of the stuff a competition, its rather silly. I would also like to use for example the Disco map from Wezelkroum - but no idea what settings would make any sense.Thats on Bunker 2, the server I manage:
  7. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    What will we need? Well I had to recognize that I am unable to organize this event, the good the idea might be - it doesn't change the fact that I need somebody to organize it, having the skills bringing the people together - attracting the participants - already my own post in Public forums shows me that I should had been more firm - and probably be more uncryptic about what I want to achieve. I am a technical person - and probably to paranoid - so I fear that some communities would steal these ideas .. and well whatever happens next.
    We need referees , for each match a person which can be trusted. This should work over Vitamin B .. so people which know each other more or less for a while.
    We need servers in New York, and London - afaik those have best pings. If possible we need a server with good ping to asia - or a server in Asia. I do not speak any asian language - and I do not know any of the community there. It would be great if someone could get them into this also.
  8. ailmanki
    ailmankiDirty Bomb Founder
    We need something and someone who does keep track of the stats. Each match will produce some results, the referee has to be the Notar, and note them.. and so on. This can be a php page - or a Excel file .. it does not matter much, Since not every mod supports Lua, its difficult to automate it. We could use QMM to some extend instead of LUA but I don not have the skills to program that in QMM. For example the TankRace would be a visual measuring of who has reached the finishing line first, unless some additional code gets created. Maybe more then one referee could be good for that event.

    Lastly I do not know what all is needed, I never organized an event.. I am a longtime server admin, and since a while also admin of a community; in RL I program a Winter Maintenance solution...

    I thought lets get this started somehow - get some help - there are surely some smart people in Splashdamage forums, which have knowledge I never collected.. !
  9. zbzero
    What i can offer:
    Im a server admin for like 9 years, im not so polite with people (but i have a good person for that) and i have a dedicated server in UK, so i can provide the servers there.

    Im not a pro mapper (i have made a version of fueldump, and a other map im currently working) but i know and i think i can make something not so professional but ok for the event.

    Im ok with mapscripts, i had modified the maps many times using that.

    I can help with lua if needed (im not the best one but i have sure i have a pal for the job)

    I can contact Necromancer about server from Asia (i think he has an dedicated server there).

    That is what i can offer Ailmanki i hope it helps.

    you have TS client ????

    we can chat a bit in TS and will be much more simple talking them writing.

  10. YourFather_CZ
    Hey guys,
    this is Your Father speaking.

    Here is few things about me:

    I have ongoing six years experience with server administration (as head admin) and I have good experiences with scripting mapscripts and Lua modules.
    I study Applied informatics at college (already 4 years) and also I've participated in few commercial projects.

    Currently, I'm very busy due to end-semester exams.
    Until July 9, 2012 I won't have time to do anything. But then, I will have plenty of free time. I've never used QMM, but I'll do research and comparison with Lua.
    I'll also write down few ideas you will like - I hope.
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