1. Desparado
    I noticed groups seem to be a background feature in the forums, and that there were groups for several SP/WC games but not a RAD Soldiers group.

    So, let me be the first to welcome all fans and fanatic players alike! :D

    Feel free to start a discussion, or post a fun RAD Soldier-related pic!

    Forum rules still apply.
    And please, no spamming, flaming, or instigating.

    Have fun, invite your friends to the group if they play.
  2. Domm
    oooh ... intimate.. heh

    Sounds great, guess this will show on the "notifications" in the top field!?
  3. S4GRAD0
    Nice. I'll check this group often. I hope they would release a new set of toons. Can't wait to see them in action. xD
  4. Desparado
    Thanks guys! I believe you need to subscribe so it shows up!
  5. BIGMAC69
    Hallo everyone
  6. Beebi_Gun
    Ohh how did I miss this thing ?? --too-turu-too I'm up.
  7. robotman5
    hi there!!
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