Where do you play?

  1. Indloon
    Question to you!
    Where to you play?

    I play in NBS ETPRO One and in .EA#NoDownload!!
  2. UJERebel
    UJERebelDirty Bomb Founder
    [UJE] Clan servers.. Mostly Teamplay server, i love it =)

    Otherwise trickjump or sniper.. sometimes panzerwar and beginners server too
  3. hunterthebest
    .EA#Servers and when I have some more time can you also find me on ETPro servers
  4. nukits
    Only ETPro wars,cups etc.. I don't play in public, maybe few times and if i do then in *BiO* public.
  5. Mateos
    I play mostly on my clan servers, HarryHomers (ETPub) and HarryNoQuarter. Sometimes I visit Tibet Temple and Staatschutz servers

    I still recommend the servers above for Pub players, but now for quite a while, new clan... ETPro

    {TE666} Clan Euro server, teamplay and quite advanced settings (Class management, 10-maps campaign, all fine for public but as well for comp imo)
  6. macbeth
    same like Mateos i play mostly on our clan server noquarter. no bots , xp saved
  7. Headhunter
    at my 8 Servers (diff.Mods) IPs see at http://www.etgamers.org
    Have fun at the Game all
  8. JoltOnline
    Well I play at [LZ]USA HD/ET Unlimited XPS -
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