NFL Fans in the Hardcore Club

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  1. wolfnemesis75
    Patriots fan here. (I live in Rhode Island) Been a fan my whole life. Remember the days when they were the laughing stock of the NFL and the only good thing about watching them was Irvin Friar and Ben Cotes, lol. We got Ochocinco and Albert Haynesworth this week. Is that sick or what? Maybe they'll snatch up Marion Barber too. Never know right? Anyway, who's a Football fan? I am soooo glad that the NFL is back. The Fall would've succcked so bad with no football.... well no NFL, anyway. Cuz I watch college too.
  2. Spendlove
    Did someone say football?

    Now this is a real team Wolfy ...>
  3. thesuzukimethod
    it's hard to follow "football" in the US unless your buddy ponies up for EPL channels on cable (mine did)....get a kick out of Fulham (the US expat team) and Tottenham (no good reason). hate it when i play Fifa 11 and my random opponent always picks Chelsea/ManU (or RealM)
  4. AmishWarMachine
    Patriots fan since 1993 (when they drafted Drew Bledsoe, who was a Washington State University Cougar, and before that a Walla Walla Blue Devil).

    Totally stoked for this season.
  5. wolfnemesis75
    NFL starts next week. FF starts soon. College Football starts this weekend officially Thursday! Love Fall! Just got to make my special homemade Chilli now! Oh YEAH! Are you ready for some football?
  6. Jimmy James
    Jimmy James
    NFL... hmm, sounds like one of those events where all my favorite bars fill up with people who yell a lot.

    Much like money, the concept of sports has always been beyond my grasp to comprehend. I'm sure Throbblefoot will be happy to explain it to me (as usual).

  7. AmishWarMachine
    There was a time in America when contests of athletic prowess were a metaphor for the nobility of man. Historic moments forged by the love of the game celebrated the human potential to achieve excellence. But as time passed, and the country neared the millennium, something went awry.

    The ideal of sportsmanship began to take a back seat to excessive celebration. The athletes caring less about executing the play than planning the vulgar grandstanding that inevitably followed even the most pedestrian of accomplishments. The games themselves became subordinate to the quest for money. Stadiums and arenas became nothing more than giant billboards to promote commercial products. Players sold their services to the highest bidder, much like the hired guns of the Old West.
  8. AmishWarMachine
    Soon it was commonplace for entire teams to change cities in search of greater profits. The Minneapolis Lakers moved to Los Angeles, where there are no lakes. The Oilers moved to Tennessee, where there is no oil. The Jazz moved to Salt Lake City, where they don't allow music. The Oakland Raiders moved to L.A. and then back to Oakland. No one in Los Angeles seemed to notice. The search for greener pastures went on unabated. Continued expansion diluted the talent pool, forcing owners to recruit heavily from prisons, mental institutions, and Texas.
  9. Jimmy James
    Jimmy James
    Sweet. Is that a quote from something or are you just ranting? Either way, I agree.

  10. AmishWarMachine
    Intro narration in BASEketball. (great flick)

    ...and I agree with it too.
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