View Full Version : Setting up clan match on Xbox. Time zone???

6th Dec 2011, 21:10
So, when setting up a clan match via the BrinkTheGame site for Xbox, when choosing a time, what timezone is it? It just shows the time, no timezone. I changed my time zone in my profile on the Brink site from EST to PST, but it didn't update the time of my match between the RiF and WOLF today at "4pm"

So, yeah, a little help here would be super. I did a quick search for "timezone" but didn't get any results I was looking for. I also will admit I looked at the results for around 5-10 secs.

6th Dec 2011, 23:03
I would also love to know the answer to this as well.

7th Dec 2011, 21:16

8th Dec 2011, 16:31


9th Dec 2011, 20:55
WTF! HELLO SD! Any help here would be great.

9th Dec 2011, 21:23
Um, did you check out this section in the clan tab of the FAQ on the brink site?

"Accounting for time zones, how do I know the time of my match?"

9th Dec 2011, 21:59
Seems like it's broken anyway, no stats at all :confused: no worries they will fix it "soon" :D

9th Dec 2011, 22:27
oh, well, i also found it posted at the bottom of this forum

Battle.BrinkTheGame.com already accounts for time zones. Match times listed are based on the time zone your PC is set to. For example, if someone issues a clan challenge at 7 pm EST, this will automatically appear as 4 pm PST to other players located in the Pacific time zone. For console users, itís important to ensure that your console reflects a time closer to the time displayed on your PC.