View Full Version : Thoughts On the Weapon Tweaks From a Competitive PC Standpoint?

16th Nov 2011, 08:27
It's no secret that Brink, at least on the pc, failed to live up to its competitive promise, and that much of the reason for that was the poor gun combat. This last update with its accompanying weapon tweaks intended to fix much of these problems. What are peoples thoughts? Has splash damage succeeded? Have they fixed enough of the problems for Brink to be considered seriously by the competitive community?

Unfortunately, my motherboard just broke so i can't test out the game myself. Looking at the update page the weapon tweaks look underwhelming considering the amount of time I thought they were spending on them. While I'm unable to actually test the update, I don't think a %15 spread reduction would have made enough of a difference, but I am eager to be proved wrong.

And please, only reply if you value competitive gameplay on the PC. In so many other threads people argue over the merits of Brink even when they value completely different things in a FPS. It's a pointless argument.

16th Nov 2011, 17:48
can't be bothered to reinstall brink again. Even if the weapon tweaks are awesome there are still no players to play with.

16th Nov 2011, 18:50

we tried saying "get us the fixes now....." but nothing. so like anyone,.. majority left.

i (and everyone else) even said.... fix it now or we move on. video games are like women and cars,.... "why are you chasing a car that doesn't stop for you"

another point is,.. we said... if you can't be bothered to release a game in good working condition,... why bother releasing it early? or at all? the game should've been pushed back to now because now there is no oppertunity to appriciate the hard work that the dev's (or dev) have done to get the game to this current status. i'm curious though what people think of the current status.

AND MY FINAL comment.... rather then piss away your money (SD) and the dev(s) effort to fix a dead game YOU SHOULD HAVE MADE ET2 OR ETQW 2..... you'd actually would have made money on the efforts of the devs..... because fixing a dead game is pissing away your valuable money. and me and tens of thoushands if not hundreds would love to have THE NEXT SCI-FI SHOOTER!!!!

(Thanks to BMXer aka J4y aka G4y) said it perfectly. The marked is saturated with realism dumbed down FPS games and we really need something that has a high replay value that people actually LEARN to get good at rather then making games that even my daughter can play... not saying she can't learn to get good,... but she isn't a pro and I'd hate to see her not do good in school.

So anyways.... /end comments

<3 Always

17th Nov 2011, 06:19
At this stage I would say that-- despite the tweaks-- BRINK is in trouble if a free weekend or major sale doesn't occur shortly (and, to be honest, perhaps even then). The last one brought a lot of new blood into the game, but they didn't stick for long. Gameplay is now much "tighter," which I think would be appreciated by most FPS fans, and we're now over the hump of interest-sapping new releases. This may be BRINK's last chance for a "reboot."