View Full Version : Brink TV 5v5 Tournament to span 2 nights?

18th May 2011, 00:12
We've gotten an amazing response from the community for this tournament and we want to make it as enjoyable and accessible as possible. Some are concerned that they will be unable to participate if the event runs too late. Therefore, we are open to the idea of extending the tournament to span two nights, Wednesday @ 9pm EDT as planned and Thursday @ 9pm EDT if needed.

Please post feedback here:

We'll announce a decision later tonight.

18th May 2011, 00:32
I hope there will be VOD, I can't stay awake that late! :)

18th May 2011, 01:55
Will definitely be a VOD up, as always! We post all our VOD's at http://thebrink.tv/videos.php

18th May 2011, 01:58
This'll be the first real Brink competition, that I know of at least. Very excited to see how this runs...

18th May 2011, 08:18
Just to update everyone we decided to spread the event across of both days. As greased said this will allow the finals and later round matches to be played (and viewed) at a more reasonable time (for the US viewers at least). Equality important the team count has surpassed 32 teams and as such we have decided to cap the tournament to that number. Overflow registrations will be placed on the waiting list.

18th May 2011, 09:08
I hope there will be VOD, I can't stay awake that late! :)

I hope there will be demos... with first person view :P

18th May 2011, 21:44
It is spanning two nights!

Tune in tonight at 9pm EDT for some awesome, competitive Brink action. All live, all shoutcasted. This is the first tournament for Brink, and we're super excited.

Then, tomorrow, we pick up again at 9pm EDT. Expect to see the semi-finals as well as the finals tomorrow (Thursday).


Can't make it? Then just goto our Videos page to watch all the highlights as well as VOD content. Boom.

19th May 2011, 09:27
gg's enjoyed almost every minute of it (even if it we mostly hung out in aquarium) =p can't wait for tomorrow night.

19th May 2011, 10:48
Will VOD be up today (don't tell me you need to sleep, I can't believe that)? I need VOD, need Ze Scotman shouts, naow!! :)

19th May 2011, 18:31
VODs of Day 1 of the 5v5 tournament already up. http://thebrink.tv/videos.php

19th May 2011, 19:34
Can someone provide a link to the brackets please, thanks.

19th May 2011, 20:08
Can someone provide a link to the brackets please, thanks.

20th May 2011, 06:22
3 days now... Still good to watch.

20th May 2011, 07:55
It's great that this tournament is being hosted and with such a great quality cast etc, but these games are painful to watch with such horribly defensive sided maps being enforced by terrible spawn times. I really hope some changes will come about. Anytime 2 good teams have played each other, it's just full hold after full hold. The casters even seem to be very unenthusiastic about yet another defensive map being played every time a different map is selected.

20th May 2011, 14:01
Here's my take tho...

No game upon release (with the exception of StarCraft 2... tho to be fair that also had the benefit of a long open beta) is competition ready. I expect once Brink gets its first major patch in the next week or so, we'll see some comp tweaks. That's more than fine by me.

Yes, the maps are heavily d-oriented right now, but from what we've gathered from the tournament is that a few very small changes can probably fix all maps to favor the offense. In short, we'll get there.

When pubbing, the heavy defensiveness doesn't shine through much at all... I'm almost afraid to say it, but as long as I have a friend who knows what they're doing, pubbing is actually enjoyable.

I think that's what SD was aiming for and I think they did an okay job hitting that mark.

Competition play will always be far more difficult to nail down w/o an open beta, but that's also the crowd that will be willing to provide the constructive feedback until the game is suitable for tournament play.

21st May 2011, 22:00
I expect once Brink gets its first major patch in the next week or so, we'll see some comp tweaks.

I hope so.

Agreed w/ the rest of your post.

23rd May 2011, 18:43
Yey VOD's, thanks Brink.TV, it's been too long :)