View Full Version : #Brink.BE Belgian Community

10th May 2011, 16:11
Hi there Brink players!

I'm here to announce that we are looking for players to support us in creating a Belgian/Dutch community! :)

We are looking for staff:

- Dutch speaking
- Have somewhat experience
- Decent English
- Be active & interested 'bout whats happening
- A nice guy :wink:

The newswriter will be part of the best community in whole Brink :cool:

Logo Creater
- Dont have to be Dutch speaking
- Have experience in how to work with the CS series
- A nice guy
- Able to creat a decent looking logo

For the logo creater, if needed we can offer you a TS3 channel on my TS server (':

Please join us @ #Brink.BE and enjoy your stay!

PS: I'll hope the next newspost of the Belgian Community will be in some what more readable english, sorry :o

14th May 2011, 18:42
Robaciek :pPPP

Gl :)