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24th Feb 2011, 16:48
The League Of Honorable Gamers (LHG) (or by some of our LHG Members Lite Hearted Gamers) is an international family-friendly Xbox 360 non-competitive FPS gaming clan that has a strong social community. We play for the fun, camaraderie and the love of gaming, so skill, clan tryouts and change of gamertags are not requirements to join The League Of Honorable Gamers (LHG), so if you are not the most skilled player that is fine with us.

We want to create a fun, respectful, sociable, relaxed family-friendly and non-competitive gaming clan environment that is stress free of getting the most kills and kill/death ratios, pressure of winning, judging gamers skill levels, trash-talking potty mouths, bullying, spawn camping and cheating.

We have LHG Members from the United States, Canada, and United Kingdom and our membership is growing. Our LHG Members range from about 15 to 50 years of age with an average age being around 25. Our membership goal is to be a small gaming clan about 60 active LHG Members where The League Of Honorable Gamers (LHG) will be a place LHG Members will be able to get to know everyone, and have a fun time, have a sense of belonging in a fun gaming clan environment. The League Of Honorable Gamers (LHG) is a perfect place for gamers who are new to the Xbox 360 world of gaming or never have been in an Xbox 360 gaming clan before. Our LHG Members are fun guys who have a passion for gaming and for The League Of Honorable Gamers (LHG), and are always on the lookout for good members who are friendly, respectful, reliable and good sportsmen and who want to belong to a gaming clan that offers something different.


25th Feb 2011, 03:12
you already posted this in forums and fansites

Jess Alon
25th Feb 2011, 05:27
This has even been posted in this forum before. You could have just necrobumped.