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12th Sep 2007, 04:03
Error message: "Game code (ui_mp_x86.dll) failed Pure Server check"

I have just downloaded Wolfenstein to a new computer. The home game screen comes up, but I cannot sign on to any on-line game, and get the error code noted at top. How can I fix this and play? Wolfenstein Enemy Territory works on my other computers. Thanks

12th Sep 2007, 18:49
Pure server check... never had that error before but judging from what it says, it probably means you are trying to (probably not intentional) run some mod or modified files in a pure server.

Basically there are pure servers are unpure servers. Pure servers have certain settings that do not allow each individual player to have his or her own modified files.
Unpure servers do allow this.

By modified files, a nice example would be a little mod where the player helmets are replaced by christmass hats or something...

A fix, since you say you just installed it, might be to re-install ET to a clean location?

12th Sep 2007, 19:14
By any chance running Vista? ( :/, hate to use the word )

If so, see this thread (http://www.splashdamage.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=16064) with the same title.

13th Sep 2007, 09:20
If you're running Vista, run it as an Administrator, same with XP, nothing to do with Vista (But XP because of PB).

There's nothing wrong with Vista and it works perfectly fine, try reinstalling the game.

15th Sep 2007, 17:46
Thanks for the info. The game has been uninstalled an re-intstalled several times, and that does not fix it. I am running Vista, and none of the other computers use Vista so there may be some connection. I will check that thread. Flippy, what is a "clean location" and how would I intall to one?

15th Sep 2007, 22:00
Have you been running it as an Administrator?

15th Sep 2007, 22:23
By 'clean install' I meant simply to reinstall ET to a new location.

A clean install usually means that you don't have any mods, custom maps, or any custom files installed in your ET game. You just have the standard ET files.

It could have something to do with Vista, but I am running Vista aswell, have been running it for a very long time now and never saw this problem with ET before...

As other people said, you might try rightclicking the ET.exe file and choosing "Run as administrator". If that doesn't work you might have to enable the Admin account (which is a standard acount, only hidden usually on Vista). Can't remember how to do it off the top of my head but you might be able to find it yourself... It gives you a new user account, alongside your current account, with "Administrator" as username. Afaik, this account has every admin rights and acces to everything.
Be aware that this completely diminishes the entire Vista policy of safe computer use...

15th Sep 2007, 22:52
It doesn't, even 'Computer Administrators' are sent down into normal user mode when it comes to UAC, that's the whole point of it, you still have to confirm your actions with UAC etc. Disabling UAC is just stupid, people say they want more security in Windows and when they get it, disable it :lol: :lol: :lol:

Damn *nix fanboys! :roll:

But anyway, I've been running Vista since Longhorn 4074, and playing ET on it, there's no problems with it at all, just make sure you run it as an admin. If you are, right click ET.exe --> Properties --> Compatibility, select Compat. Mode with XP SP2, Disable Desktop Composition, and tick Run As Administrator, if that doesn't work, then a clean install would definately be worth it!