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  1. Other DX11 Unable to start game
  2. Other Issues with Mouse Bindings
  3. Main Menu UI Bugs and Features
  4. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus MAP Exploits: Waterloo Terminus
  5. Reporting Map bugs and exploits
  6. Launcher Install Issues
  7. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Waterloo Terminus Feedback
  8. Weapon Feedback
  9. Hit Detection
  10. some control issues
  11. Grenade damage suppressed by models
  12. Art (Models/Textures) Whitechapel map issues
  13. Art (Models/Textures) Slenderman model (medic)
  14. HUD Spectators not displayed
  15. HUD HUD Request: the person that killed you
  16. HUD Scoreboard replaces sniper scope overlay
  17. Main Menu Graphics Settings Reset
  18. Gameplay Waterloo - bugs
  19. Freeze / Crash Login crash/freeze + funny error
  20. Gameplay Player bound? Landmines
  21. Freeze / Crash DX11 crash
  22. Art (Models/Textures) Models sticking through wall
  23. Mercs / Abilities FieldOps Artillery and FieldOps airstrike timers are separate
  24. HUD C4 Countdown Bar
  25. Weapons Quick Knife Doesn't Change Back
  26. Animation Weapon bob bug after first spawn on a new map
  27. Animation Player model glitchy after using stationary MG
  28. Weapons FieldOps pistol firing rate
  29. Weapons Quicknade and quickknife
  30. Weapons Medic2, Engineer2 shotgun damage
  31. Other Moving without pressing any key
  32. Gameplay Tdm
  33. Art (Models/Textures) Few graphics leaks/bugs on Waterloo
  34. Art (Models/Textures) Waterloo/Obj_Victoria Wall clipping
  35. Other [Console] Join game spam
  36. Freeze / Crash Crash on map change
  37. Gameplay Ability to Shoot incapacitated (but no damage)
  38. Gameplay Page Down/Up giving 3rd person camera modes when playing
  39. Gameplay Turrets
  40. Art (Models/Textures) [Grenade] Dissapears when being near a wall
  41. Other Keypad 0, L, and Mouse 4 do not Bind Perfectly in Controls Setup
  42. Audio Sound quality change on Soldier last bullets
  43. Animation Aim Down Sight (ADS) does not work properly the first time when game is loaded
  44. HUD Chat text does not display correctly when multiple lines of text entered quickly
  45. Gameplay EV
  46. Other Crash dumps
  47. HUD Minimap extrapolated after game windows minimize
  48. Audio Music
  49. Art (Models/Textures) Waterloo Building Walk/Missing Textures
  50. HUD Scoreboard never shows award for covops
  51. Gameplay Actions + Chat Buttons = Auto Action
  52. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge - Fell through map in new spot
  53. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge-Could not go through doorway.
  54. Freeze / Crash Frequent crashes and loading issues playing London Bridge
  55. Audio Machine gun or turret sound loop
  56. Launcher Launcher - Rate limits acting weird?
  57. Launcher Launcher displays update, but no dice
  58. Level-specific: Whitechapel Map Clipping (updated version)
  59. Gameplay Spectators ready up
  60. Other Medpacks on Cars
  61. Launcher No Subscription and Resolving Host
  62. Weapons New soldier class - the golden gun
  63. Art (Models/Textures) Waterloo Texture Issues
  64. Other Object shadows turn into black blocks.
  65. Gameplay Whitechapel - Bridge is too low.
  66. Launcher Sorting seems... not right.
  67. Level-specific: London Bridge TDM London bridge bugs
  68. Main Menu bugginess in binds, numpad 0 with numlock on
  69. Audio Landmine 'cricket' noise gets stuck in areas with echo after detonation.
  70. Main Menu Unable to click on anything in the Limbo menu
  71. Art (Models/Textures) Artillery Strike explosion is disconnected from its lighting.
  72. Other Assign mouse side buttons
  73. HUD When using MG nests, enemy player icons do not appear over their heads
  74. Launcher Kaspersky - Detects Bootstrapper as Trojan
  75. Launcher Needed tweaks
  76. Other Earn XP as defender on moving EV
  77. Art (Models/Textures) whats this ?
  78. Art (Models/Textures) Engineer animation bug, 1st person, switch from pliers/mines to knife
  79. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Couldn't move
  80. Gameplay Artillery strike reset on hit
  81. Other Cvars
  82. Other Fluctuating Framerate
  83. Other Multiple Instances of 1 Alpha Account?
  84. Other Install Location
  85. Audio Weaponswitch Sound for Soldier Class
  86. Audio Alt + Tab minimize sound problem
  87. Other Falling Through Map
  88. Freeze / Crash Xbox 360 controller controls freezes server
  89. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Crash at loading screen (SGCharacterAnims_977)
  90. Other pause
  91. Art (Models/Textures) Saw a ghost
  92. Other Stuttering & Tearing
  93. Weapons Air-Strike can target sky after tagging building first.
  94. Weapons Strange blur effect on the Air-Strike targeting system front part of scope.
  95. Art (Models/Textures) Bullet holes appear from far away, but not up close.
  96. Animation Pin animates strangely when walking or looking around with the grenade in hand.
  97. Animation Hands doesn't bob along with the weapon
  98. Other Strange DB launcher issue
  99. Freeze / Crash Server potential problem
  100. Other Screenshot Error
  101. Freeze / Crash Code 3 when launching with TS3 overlay
  102. Other Skyboxing
  103. Other 3D gaming issues
  104. Gameplay Side-objective XP points not awarded when C4 went off as I was respawning.
  105. Animation When multiple people are repairing the vehicle on OBJ Whitechapel, their models clip.
  106. Art (Models/Textures) Spark effect on side-objective doesn't mesh well with the laptop model.
  107. Gameplay Constructing side-objective on OBJ Whitechapel went to 100% 3 times before completing
  108. Art (Models/Textures) Throwing knife model sinks into ground after thrown.
  109. Audio Turret Deployment sound (14502)
  110. Main Menu No support for left-hand mouse
  111. Launcher Minor font issue on the launcher
  112. Gameplay Waterloo Container Plant
  113. HUD NVidia 3d vision issues
  114. Other Medic/Ammo packs - stuck when thrown at right angle and geometry
  115. Weapons Weird soldier 2 animation glitch/server crash
  116. Animation Soldier Build 2 - Weapon Slot 2 - Hand Not Holding Grip
  117. Gameplay London Bridge Exploits
  118. Level-specific: London Bridge LB TDM2 - bugs & suggestions
  119. Audio At map end / new map load (Heartbeat sound loops)
  120. Level-specific: Whitechapel Bad spawncamp on OBJ Whitechapel
  121. Level-specific: Whitechapel Medic's primary gun does not make bullet holes in this tank by the spawn.
  122. Freeze / Crash CRASH - bsod
  123. Gameplay Players turrets remain after player leaves server
  124. Audio Sug: When a gun is empty & the gun click sound effect is played, let all players hear
  125. Gameplay While riding in the EV while it's turning, the mounted-turret stutters while aiming.
  126. Other What is F8?
  127. Gameplay _London Bridge TDM
  128. Gameplay Ammo Packs get used up right away as people are shooting...
  129. Launcher Left Align for the list changes based on the presence of a scrollbar.
  130. Audio [FIXED] No 3rd-person footstep audio
  131. Animation When engie dies trying to plant the turret, the orange outline spins around him.
  132. Level-specific: London Bridge During OBJ, I got artillery-striked while in a corner and was pushed out of the map.
  133. Level-specific: Whitechapel Invisible EV
  134. Level-specific: London Bridge Screen shake after revive
  135. Audio No sound when picking up medkit
  136. Audio EV Machine Gun Sound Drops Out
  137. Hidden Task Bar does not show up with full screen Launcher
  138. Main Menu Screen Resolution is no longer listed
  139. Main Menu Resolutions
  140. Launcher (1238) Launcher decreases performance
  141. Gameplay Collision and framerate
  142. Gameplay Can't shoot through the thin blue construction fencing.
  143. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus When fixing a pump to remove the green gas, the gas is still there for a bit.
  144. Other Specific keys only work every second press
  145. Animation Players glitching due low fps
  146. Art (Models/Textures) Models flickering black
  147. Animation Flashbang flash does not occur with Depth of Field turned off
  148. Animation With dynamic lighting turned off, C4 has no glow.
  149. HUD Bullet counter stutters a lot while auto-firing.
  150. Gameplay Med Packs Switching to gun
  151. Art (Models/Textures) Muzzle flash reflections on ground are aligned to the viewer, not the shooter
  152. Main Menu cant change graphics
  153. Gameplay [Animation] Crouching - Bugs and Suggestions
  154. Audio Sound while sprinting up the stairs
  155. Gameplay Ammo packs from gibbed bodies falling through ground?
  156. Weapons auto planting C4
  157. Animation Ironsight Animation Jitter [User Initiated]
  158. Animation Holding anti-personel grenade, then Quick Stab: borken animation?
  159. Animation Ironsight EV off while turning
  160. Other Glossary
  161. Animation Sniper Rifle - Pressing E to Knife & Back to Rifle
  162. Weapons Pliers
  163. Audio Multiple heartbeats on death
  164. Art (Models/Textures) Textures dissapeared
  165. HUD Prefixing ';'character to chat messages does not display text
  166. HUD Chat Display: typing extended ASCII characters will not display them until sent
  167. Weapons eva turret outside eva at death
  168. Launcher Irc chatroom link gone
  169. Other Alt + Tab minimize: mouse cursor remains in game
  170. Launcher Failed to create the D3D9 Device!
  171. Launcher Game Laucher Does not open
  172. Gameplay Crouching - can't fall off ledge
  173. Level-specific: Whitechapel Arty inside chapel
  174. Weapons Faulty weapon switch via left-click on some weapons
  175. Weapons Entering static MGs via left-click
  176. Gameplay Disabling/Making MG nests unmountable (EV-MG included)
  177. Audio Walking/Iron Sighting/Crouching
  178. Other Update Your GFX Drivers Thread!
  179. Gameplay Amount of bullets fired and sounds don't lign up
  180. Gameplay IFF doesn't always show
  181. Art (Models/Textures) Medic gloves in 1st person view do not match their 3rd person model.
  182. Gameplay Automount into MG nests
  183. Animation Throwing Knife animation problem
  184. Other Revive teleport
  185. Audio Pack sound; Wheres the Pack?
  186. Gameplay Can unequip cooking frag grenades, but not flash/concussion.
  187. Weapons Shotgun: more bullets fired than initially for disposal
  188. HUD HUD bullet count sometimes can't decide how much bullets
  189. Animation Sniper Gun#1: reloads even if no bullets left
  190. Gameplay Waterloo Exploit
  191. HUD Map Blown out of box
  192. Gameplay EV (F) doesnt always work
  193. HUD Changing class while alive makes the game think you're that class
  194. Other Multiple bugs
  195. Gameplay Make it easier to cancel actions
  196. Art (Models/Textures) Too Bright or glowing at some places
  197. Level-specific: Whitechapel jumping out of play area
  198. Art (Models/Textures) floating stuff objects
  199. Audio Empty clip sound doesn't always work
  200. Other Invisible bug (extreme strange)
  201. Gameplay Issue with jumping
  202. Art (Models/Textures) Truck causing char to shake
  203. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus clipping problems and possible suggestions
  204. Other Elevation Boost
  205. Weapons Finger Appears in Scope
  206. HUD full size map when switch task.
  207. Level-specific: London Bridge London Clipping
  208. Weapons Weapon Function (bug probably)
  209. Other Name changed after crash
  210. Mercs / Abilities medi packs interfere with arming C4
  211. Gameplay Engineer Pliers
  212. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus waterloo OOBs?
  213. Weapons Engineer 1 Shotgun timing issues.
  214. Art (Models/Textures) Ghost weapon
  215. Gameplay knife marks = bullet holes
  216. Other F9
  217. Audio 'Clunk' sound when map starts
  218. Level-specific: London Bridge general mix bugs
  219. Weapons Mines
  220. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus remove blocking objects
  221. Mercs / Abilities activating ev not working.
  222. Other Various bugs
  223. Launcher Player List Bug ~ Server Full Selection Change
  224. Other The Ghost Who Walks... around Camden
  225. Other Not sure what this is
  226. Art (Models/Textures) Camden Bugs
  227. Weapons Fixed Machine gun (MG) Bug
  228. Other Outro - Turret continued to fire even after Outro stopped
  229. Gameplay New turret glitch (I think)
  230. Gameplay Unable to defuse C4
  231. Main Menu Backspace not bindable in menu
  232. Main Menu Middle mouse button not bindable in menu
  233. Gameplay Team mates not clip
  234. Mercs / Abilities EV unable to repair
  235. Weapons Turret will stay deployed when switching teams
  236. Gameplay Deathghost bullet didn't disappear
  237. Main Menu Limbo bug
  238. Art (Models/Textures) Engineer model shorter than other classes
  239. Other chat bug
  240. Gameplay bullets showing blood but not registering damage.
  241. Art (Models/Textures) naked ghost
  242. Other Ammo not picked up on certain situations (i am sure medic packs as well)
  243. Animation Dalek mode on join
  244. Gameplay Offset terrain blocking smooth movement
  245. Audio Beep plays when using knife on friendly EV
  246. Launcher Unable to sign in.
  247. HUD Map still blown out of box
  248. Launcher No online servers for me? :(
  249. Launcher P2P Updates.
  250. Freeze / Crash US Stopwatch & Objective 01 freezing mid game.