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  1. Dirty Bomb: Technical 'Pro Tips'
  2. Known Issues Thread
  3. Recommended PC Specifications
  4. Reporting an in-game issue
  5. Launcher Launcher behaves wierd on start-up
  6. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitechapel - bugs
  7. Level-specific: London Bridge LondonBridge - bugs
  8. Launcher Launcher Crashes
  9. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Victoria issues
  10. Concerns for and potential of Dirty Bomb
  11. Weapons Sniper Scope bug
  12. Other Dirty Bomb Terminology (for bug reporting)
  13. Animation EV: reloading and quickly mounting causes reload animation freeze
  14. Other Spectator locked during warmup and standby keeps being locked
  15. Mercs / Abilities Airstrike beacon stuck
  16. Art (Models/Textures) London Bridge
  17. Gameplay Randomly switching weapons/inventory
  18. Gameplay Glitch while repairing EV and being shot
  19. Gameplay Deathghost lag
  20. Other Wrong ammo count
  21. Other Medic Packs dissappearing into MG nests (maybe only into them, but maybe also elsewhe
  22. Main Menu Pause/Menu blur effect broken at certain depth
  23. HUD Triple player postion icon dot on minimap
  24. Other Please let me decide when to uncrouch
  25. Art (Models/Textures) Incorrect bullet decals
  26. Gameplay turrets doing friendly dmg
  27. Animation Firesupport Guy: Airstrike canister on ground never goes away
  28. Gameplay Invisible and invincible!
  29. Weapons Turrets placed in bushes seem to be buggy
  30. Gameplay Death after round ends
  31. Freeze / Crash Server connection was lost.
  32. Mercs / Abilities Heartbeat sensors in hard to reach places
  33. Gameplay Weapon Switch Issue
  34. Weapons F-Key Weapon Switch
  35. Gameplay [BUG] Medpacks spread
  36. Weapons C4 still in hands after plant.
  37. Launcher Cannot cancel the process of connecting to the server
  38. Gameplay Unable to switch from spectator to team
  39. HUD Everyone dead in end of map scoreboard
  40. Gameplay Bullets not registering (well they do, but at wrong place ;)
  41. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Bug
  42. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Textures ZFighting in OBJ_Victoria - Waterloo Terminus
  43. Art (Models/Textures) Loaded in to see players looking like this.
  44. Other Overlay bug - EV gun shape remains as overlay if in the EV at the end of a match
  45. Freeze / Crash Server froze in Score screen.
  46. Launcher Launcher issues
  47. Freeze / Crash The application exited abnormally with code (ff)
  48. Gameplay Players now equip the most suitable weapon when revived (Lies)
  49. Gameplay Sprint has a pause
  50. Art (Models/Textures) Pistol-Enormous Muzzle flash on right side of screen
  51. Gameplay Invisible and can't deal damage
  52. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge - natural wall hack
  53. Animation Legs stuck in the ground after reviving
  54. Gameplay Shot through wall, then knifed from a long distance away.
  55. Level-specific: London Bridge Temporary invisible wall
  56. Other Fps.
  57. Art (Models/Textures) Own player model is in front of the player
  58. Mercs / Abilities Reclaiming dead turrets
  59. Freeze / Crash Crash on first run
  60. Other Ping daily evolution
  61. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Odd reflection map for wall texture
  62. Gameplay Spawn inside teamate (@warmup)
  63. Level-specific: Whitechapel Final section, map clipping
  64. Other real lowGFX possible via config tweaks
  65. Level-specific: London Bridge Movement / Player Collision.
  66. Gameplay Massive Performance drop after patch + knife still not nerved
  67. Gameplay Portable MG
  68. Weapons Assault (Soldier) class
  69. Art (Models/Textures) Bullet Decals Not displaying on Wall on Victoria
  70. Weapons Fops Scope Bugs
  71. Gameplay Weird revive
  72. Unplayable fps
  73. Gameplay EV walk through glitch + causes speed ghost
  74. Level-specific: London Bridge Updated clipping errors for London as of 20/2/13
  75. Level-specific: Whitechapel Slit in wall
  76. Mercs / Abilities FOPS Ammo pack bug
  77. Gameplay one more strange ghost
  78. Gameplay fps issue
  79. Gameplay Config settings overwritten on game launch
  80. Level-specific: Whitechapel Clipping OOB ver 16609
  81. Mercs / Abilities Arty's Marker
  82. Gameplay No headshot hit beep at long range
  83. HUD Team lost as spec
  84. Level-specific: London Bridge Med packs fall through the floor (small bug)
  85. HUD HUD messages superposition
  86. Other Player stuck inside EV
  87. Art (Models/Textures) Strange models
  88. Launcher Launcher Not Closing
  89. Level-specific: Whitechapel Found some bugs
  90. Other Chat bugs
  91. Launcher Launcher Problems Since Update (16460)
  92. Weapons Hit Detection Issue
  93. Level-specific: Whitechapel EV and other models reset after leaving and rejoining
  94. Art (Models/Textures) Art
  95. HUD Invisible turret indicator
  96. Art (Models/Textures) Bugged Weapon Model
  97. HUD Enemy nametags not shown while downed
  98. Other Vsync on what is the reason behind the lower ping?
  99. Level-specific: Whitechapel Chapel clipping as of 28/2/13
  100. Other Low FPS
  101. Launcher Launcher-Upload Rate Limiter
  102. Gameplay New carryables mechanix
  103. Gameplay Carryable Bug
  104. Gameplay Instant Spawn on Defense(maybe Offense?)
  105. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus level progress not reset.
  106. Animation Bullet casing sticks to the shotgun
  107. Gameplay Model doesn't crouch low enough
  108. Gameplay General - Activate Lag / Inaccuracy (C4 Planting / Objective Returning, et al)
  109. Animation Enemy ghost pose has broken skin mesh
  110. Level-specific: London Bridge London clipping as of 3/3/13
  111. Gameplay Invisible
  112. Gameplay Black screen before the Loading
  113. Other FPS Issues and how i think it can be fixed
  114. Art (Models/Textures) Fail Pixel Top left?
  115. Mercs / Abilities Shotgun not shooting?
  116. Other Rendering issue with blurred scene while scoreboard is active
  117. Art (Models/Textures) Rogue vertices on dead player models
  118. Other How to enable the founder tag?
  119. Weapons Switching to secondary, pressing Mouse1: But instead firing, it goes back to primary!
  120. Weapons 2nd C4 on target blows
  121. Art (Models/Textures) Artillery guy hands
  122. HUD missing names in obiturary.
  123. Gameplay Gibbing.
  124. Freeze / Crash My game is constantly crashing.
  125. Freeze / Crash DB crashing when launching into server.
  126. Art (Models/Textures) Invisible on Launch
  127. Audio Reloading ironsighted
  128. Weapons Shotgun not always firing
  129. Weapons Knife Weapon Switch
  130. Mercs / Abilities Field ops artillery no effect
  131. Gameplay Hands block half the head hit box
  132. Mercs / Abilities Defibrillator hitbox reduced?
  133. Animation Reload on engineer's shotgun
  134. Gameplay bodies
  135. Art (Models/Textures) Model Team Colours changing
  136. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitecapel as of 13/3/13
  137. Animation Char having Blinking lights
  138. Audio Recon SMG - Glitching Sound
  139. HUD Voice Say Menu - Does Not Adapt to Bound Key
  140. Animation EV mg animation bug
  141. Level-specific: London Bridge Bug Locations on London Bridge
  142. Level-specific: London Bridge Data core can't be picked up
  143. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitechapel 17437
  144. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden 17437
  145. Level-specific: London Bridge Lb 17437
  146. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus victoria issues 17437
  147. HUD PDA counter issue
  148. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge 17437 Map Flaws
  149. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge 17437 Sounds
  150. Other Render Issue: Player shadows visible through level geometry
  151. Art (Models/Textures) Soldier eratic movement shaking up and down
  152. Art (Models/Textures) MG nest model started flying
  153. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden as of 17/3/13
  154. Other TDM Victoria Map Flaws
  155. Animation Assault Backpack Changing Sizes
  156. Gameplay Mines Get Tripped Under Stairs
  157. Main Menu Clan tags (Special Characters)
  158. Other Medpack blocking MG view
  159. Gameplay Random spawn times
  160. Weapons Nades vanish while timing
  161. Art (Models/Textures) Death model and bullet impact do not line up
  162. Freeze / Crash Not able to join any server since launcher update
  163. Weapons 1 Person Map Switch
  164. Player Account Long map loading times
  165. Launcher Failed to download global manifest
  166. Gameplay EV is stuck - can't be repaired nor damaged
  167. HUD Endscreen only shows scoreboard
  168. Animation EV MG/Shotgun animation Glitch
  169. Other Different / shaky feeling when using certain stairs
  170. Main Menu Gamma & brightness
  171. Launcher Game Launcher Freezes on Passworded Server Join
  172. HUD Class Indicator
  173. Gameplay Can't sprint once revived.
  174. Animation Specating player on MG doesnt follow
  175. Animation Specator stuck on EV MG and player spec'ed invisible
  176. Gameplay Stuck inside Cargo when revived
  177. Art (Models/Textures) ghost image on screen.
  178. Level-specific: Trainyard Weapon sounds are much louder than on other maps
  179. Other raw mouse input and sensitivity
  180. Gameplay MG nest unable to use
  181. Animation Invisible ammo packs within the ammo boxes
  182. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden 17963
  183. Freeze / Crash Crash During Play - Version 17963
  184. Animation Animation cancel of FieldOps Airstrike marker
  185. Art (Models/Textures) ev ironsight sights incorrect - 17963
  186. Art (Models/Textures) Ironsights of Engi and Cvops SMG too small
  187. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitechapel 17963
  188. HUD Limbo menu: clicking not possible
  189. Art (Models/Textures) Got killed by... , by what actually?
  190. Art (Models/Textures) Pre-game player models
  191. Art (Models/Textures) Player Glows
  192. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitechapel Last OBJ wall
  193. Gameplay 17963:Score Menu after dead
  194. Level-specific: Trainyard Spawned in the air on an invisible platform
  195. Weapons Sniper scope
  196. Launcher Wrong counting of free Serverslots in Friendlist
  197. Art (Models/Textures) model facing the wrong way
  198. Level-specific: Whitechapel EV in collision with Other things
  199. Freeze / Crash CRASH game freezes with a black screen
  200. Level-specific: London Bridge OBJ_LondonBridge-PC-17963 Map Flaws
  201. HUD Weapon not displayed after kill
  202. Art (Models/Textures) Version 17963: Wireframe weapon model during warm up
  203. Main Menu Global and teamchatbuttons don't react just after match
  204. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden 17963
  205. Other fps goes down with number of players
  206. Level-specific: Whitechapel Very poor fps on white chapelle after last patch
  207. Weapons Sniper Bug
  208. HUD Unable to interact with UI at end of map - 17437
  209. Level-specific: London Bridge Can't jump out of the window anymore
  210. Animation Recoil Animation
  211. Animation No Ejecting Brass in ADS
  212. Gameplay Cannot respawn (timer stuck in loop)
  213. Animation Walking near walls causes 'warp jump'
  214. Level-specific: Trainyard Grass impact decals are pure black.
  215. HUD Incorrect 'Use' Button
  216. HUD ready up screen not reacting.
  217. Weapons not really a bug i dont think
  218. Gameplay Invisible / almost zero gravity
  219. Level-specific: London Bridge London Bridge issues Version 18442
  220. Level-specific: Whitechapel Whitechapel issues Version 18442
  221. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden issues Version 18442
  222. Animation Animation bug when mounting MG 18442
  223. Level-specific: Waterloo Terminus Victoria as of 14/4/13
  224. HUD Cant see captain (cluttered hud)
  225. Launcher Launcher fails to load player list
  226. Mercs / Abilities plant c4 switch class then mine
  227. Level-specific: Trainyard Camden as of 14/4/13
  228. Launcher Launcher forcing to re-download 3.24GB (the full game?) randomly
  229. Level-specific: Whitechapel Its ALIVE !! Oo
  230. Art (Models/Textures) insanely bright mine
  231. HUD Objective blocks view.
  232. Other Text string "If Run before" when the match begins
  233. Level-specific: Whitechapel Tank stuck and gave invisibility to me
  234. Launcher Friend count ++ 18442
  235. Launcher Cloned server names in launcher
  236. Audio Sound Cuts Off When Switching Weapons
  237. Other Immortal mine
  238. Level-specific: Trainyard Couple of map things
  239. Level-specific: London Bridge Odd spawn positions at 3rd obj
  240. Art (Models/Textures) Can see a my gun in top left of screen bug?
  241. Main Menu vsays don't work when dead and gibbed
  242. Other Can't connect
  243. Gameplay New joining players autoadded to attack team when odd number of players
  244. Mercs / Abilities Airstrike explosive direction bug
  245. Animation No airstrike marker, but still shown in hand
  246. Art (Models/Textures) Big hands, small weapon
  247. Art (Models/Textures) Z-Fighting in LB
  248. Main Menu Game option "Gameplay post process" resets
  249. Animation Turret Bugs
  250. HUD 988 is the new 999