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  1. Push notifications, and the things we wished we could do with them
  2. Chat function in the works?
  3. Not receiving coins after multiplayer moves, bug or intentional?
  4. Next Match Button
  5. Request for Android Version
  6. Paid Version with Extras
  7. A hodgepodge of suggestions from an async-conditioned player
  8. How to market Rad Soldiers hard?
  9. Indicator for cover during movement
  10. Refreshing/Internet connection problems
  11. Pay to Play
  12. Auto-forfeit?
  13. Need some wisdom/more of a tutorial
  14. some bug reports
  15. Important: unable to send move on win
  16. Balancing -Angela Merci- ... and other suggestions
  17. Important : experience not stacking
  18. weapone of soldiers usually automatic change
  19. Dead Character Models Remaining
  20. No way to drop games against unresponsive opponents.
  21. Can't play any game
  22. Melee weapons too powerful
  23. Level 15
  24. I can't find RAD soldiers in the app store
  25. First player advantage
  26. No Network Connection
  27. Endless creating game
  28. Latest Update
  29. Clan feature
  30. Lagging on iPod Touch
  31. Messy pricing makes bundle buy hard
  32. In game messages system (and more)
  33. Targeting mines
  34. Suggestion to boost application
  35. Show character class in the store
  36. Weapon "Damage" stat confusing
  37. Osx
  38. Buggy Match Making
  39. Help! I'm stuck with people online that haven't played in days, so now I can't play?
  40. Buggy data sending?
  41. New bundles??
  42. After Game Popup
  43. Some words on melee weapons
  44. Aftermatch chat?
  45. 3+players
  46. Oddities and suggestions
  47. Random named bots?
  48. Post-Match sound effects are louder than in-game effects
  49. Suggestion: Do not remove the dead soldier's body immediately after they die.
  50. Why is the finger poking the blue guy's belly in the "Play Games" screen?
  51. After selecting a Bundle, the list of Bundled Items is hidden below the window.
  52. Suggestion: In the Store, add the orange fade-out to the top of the window as well.
  53. Suggestion: Include a "Home" button on all menu screens to quickly access Main Menu.
  54. The Back Arrow button icon changes once selecting an item in the Store
  55. Suggestion: On the "Your Turn" screen, include an instruction to tap the screen to go
  56. After advancing to the next XP level, the Level number by my avatar didn't change.
  57. Suggestion: Tap on left or right soldiers in Barracks view to select them.
  58. New levels
  59. Gus Marx med kit
  60. Test matches?
  61. The new message red number icon is not removed after viewing messages.
  62. Sug: When tapping on the Gamecenter Notification for your turn, take us into the game
  63. When a "Your Turn" notification is tapped: Sent to menu, but no red number shown
  64. I got the Dog Pile achievement, but I didn't earn it properly.
  65. At the end of a match I lost, the Double Kill achievement popped up.
  66. If you have 2 iOS devices, you can play your turn twice and get double turn coins.
  67. Minimizing the app mid turn cancels progress made and I had to restart my turn
  68. Offline Mode
  69. Multiple Games vs the same Friend?
  70. Ghosted agents detected by mines
  71. Change View on Embankment...
  72. Experiencing a bit of dizziness.
  73. Please allow me to zoom out further.
  74. worst-case-szenario
  75. Movement color coding
  76. Suggestion: Simulate Enemy Movement
  77. Rad solders now global
  78. Game over!!
  79. Player stats
  80. Add chat room or PM or just in-game chat!!!
  81. Game Art Dump?
  82. Confusing Interface Issues
  83. Juan and textbook Kate abilitys damage glitch
  84. Squad member Exp
  85. how I would personally spend more money on the game
  86. Iron man mode?
  87. Challenges
  88. Open Discussion: Possible Game Updates/Suggestions
  89. Issues and BS
  90. <3 This game
  91. Suggestions!!! (From Good to Great)
  92. Selling of characters and weapons
  93. The Point of Outfits?
  94. Leveling up unlimited bug
  95. Big problem !bridge map!
  96. More ways to earn gold after challenges completed
  97. Few Suggestions to help newer players
  98. 2Vs2
  99. Allow us to destroy our own blockades too!
  100. Random thoughts and ideas
  101. Suggestion
  102. No damage with missile turret and mine
  103. Problem in playing ghost vs ghost
  104. Found a bug
  105. map balancing
  106. destructable terrain/objects
  107. Ideas for game modes
  108. mine and C4
  109. Waiting for the matches screen to load...slowwwwww
  110. claim victory
  111. Tournament group 4 chatting
  112. Melee weapon disadvantage
  113. Vs random AI
  114. Balancing the characters
  115. Bugs?
  116. My Honour System Survival Mode
  117. User-Interface Frustrations?
  118. Replay camera shows movement of invisible opponent
  119. Angela Healing after death?
  120. I lost everything
  121. Game got slow after update
  122. 2 square radius?
  123. Single player freeplay
  124. Low performance setting
  125. Web version of RAD soldiers
  126. Weapon tweaks for devs
  127. Tiebreaker
  128. Android version please?
  129. Tapjoy
  130. a Ladder is needed!
  131. Juan DaCova is a bug!
  132. Toon + weapon loadouts
  133. Suggestion: Tag-Team
  134. Made account and didn't get coins promised
  135. Orbital strike and mines
  136. Make the EXP for non-commanders actually mean something...
  137. Display 'fun' stats at the end of a round
  138. Need more weapon types
  139. 3rd dimension?
  140. Melee weapon buff idea
  141. Expert mode for online play
  142. Suggestion: Create an option to delete ABANDONED matches
  143. Bee bomb ability discrepancies
  144. Mine bug
  145. Game hung
  146. Question about mines
  147. Voice "Acting"
  148. Melee weapons and attacking units in cover
  149. Kate
  150. In app purchase error
  151. vote: bring rad soldiers to windows and computer
  152. random opponent online challenge glitch = stuck games
  153. Shield-o-bot glitch
  154. Uav
  155. Crash
  156. Games not expiring?
  157. connectioin
  158. Custom Characters
  159. Request for Line of Sight Aide
  160. Suggestion:statistical data and/or character experience
  161. Request for movie of entire match
  162. Resell weapons/outfits
  163. The Sniping Gameplay : Update Suggestion for better game balance and diversity .
  164. Soldier Feedback: Tito Tesla
  165. Soldier Feedback: Tree Mendez
  166. Shield-O-Bot issues
  167. Push
  168. Gus squirt-hurter inconsistencies
  169. Ghost and Mines
  170. Mission Map Scores
  171. Overlaping Bug
  172. Toxic bug?
  173. Admin set up a Q&A topic
  174. Please move the mine damage animation to the beginning of the next turn.
  175. How do I tell if a PM is from a legit dev?
  176. Can't heal a stun on a full health toon
  177. Game outcome
  178. Double negative efects dont stack?
  179. Less-Harma Pharma indicator
  180. New patch: how to fix it.
  181. Madame La Hacque wrong info. PC Chrome version.
  182. Rad World Cup Screed....
  183. [PC]Challenges not registered?
  184. Google Wallet alternative for browser version
  185. Bi-Spy
  186. Feature request: Volume Option in chrome version
  187. mine collects crate
  188. Game Froze in Menu.
  189. Crate item not available ~ Outfit.
  190. chrome freezes
  191. Archers cross bow shot
  192. iOS 7 Graphics issue?
  193. Dave's grenade glitch
  194. Crashes and repeat games
  195. Chrome messages corrupt graphics.
  196. Chrome search
  197. Chrome Ver. The game wont start up
  198. woa!
  199. reading problem
  200. Question: when did the weapons prices change?
  201. PC / cancel MultiPlayer game not beeing in game
  202. Kids version // taking out the violence // funny mod.
  203. Changeable Maps // new map ideas
  204. How to play iOS's account on PC ?
  205. Game hangs on splash screen
  206. Loot crates on iPod (the new update)
  207. Crash after new update!
  208. Game Suggestion
  209. How do I even start up RAD Soldiers in the the chrome version?
  210. Known Issue: All Text is Pink
  211. Game over loop
  212. 3 day auto forfeit limit not working?
  213. Issue with games not expiring
  214. i cant get rid of expired games!! help!!
  215. A New User's Initial Take on Rad Soldiers
  216. Game over "cannot send turn"
  217. android?
  218. New Update to Shop!
  219. Riot Bot bug?
  221. game no longer launches
  222. [Bug] Dee Hatlacker can use Botherer SR
  223. Add statistics, win/loose rate and battle history
  224. Dreadful interface banner
  225. Timed Moves: bug or feature?
  226. Error: RAD Bux
  227. RAD: Classes and Categories - Distinctions
  228. Things I've owned
  229. My suggestions
  230. BUG : Gus Marx's Squhurter ability
  231. Stalemate question
  232. What happens when a ghost dies?
  233. Freezing:chrome Mac
  234. Accounts
  235. can i get keys for free ?
  236. Is it bug?
  237. Native Client Plugin
  238. Toxic bomb didn't affect everything in range
  239. OOPS-could not connect
  240. Can't accept/decline incoming challenges
  241. How about new feature: store and replay all match?
  242. Hack !?
  243. Chrome Version Hangs
  244. SQUAD POINTS: Suggestions and Ideas
  245. A lot of bugs with the new patch...
  246. I can't even play :(