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  1. Announcing RAD Soldiers, WarChest's First Game Developed By Splash Damage
  2. Questions for SD/Warchest about RAD Soldiers
  3. GamaSutra Previews RAD Soldiers
  4. RAD Soldiers Community Q&A #1
  5. Release date?
  6. The Sound Design of RAD Soldiers
  7. An Update on our release plans for RAD Soldiers
  8. RAD Soldiers League
  9. First game experience
  10. RAD Soldiers - Challenges - Walkthrough/Help Thread
  11. RAD Soldiers invades Canada!
  12. New RAD Soldiers Trailer Serves Up a Cocktail of Explosions
  13. RAD Soldiers avatars added
  14. Which starting character did you pick?
  15. RAD Canadian Debut Tournament
  16. [Spoiler allert] Talking about characters and the game (already?!)
  17. New RAD Soldiers Update Adds Push Notifications
  18. Weapon Analysis?
  19. Can we get an official answer regarding ANDROID?
  20. Any update on release schedule?
  21. Is This Gme Ever Going to be Released in the US?
  22. RAD Soldiers Update: Canada, Front-end Menus and Release
  23. RAD Soldiers expands to Scandinavia, Ireland, and New Zealand with Big Update
  24. Get Early Access to RAD Soldiers!
  25. New RAD Soldiers update adds iPhone 5 support and much more!
  26. RAD Soldiers Climbs to #1 in Six Countries, Amasses Crazy Stats
  27. RAd soldiers in lithuania
  28. New Update Released (06 Nov 2012)
  29. How to Improve your Gaming
  30. Free! Playstation Store version!
  31. New to RAD Soldiers. Add me!
  32. New levels
  33. Comparison of the 3 Agent Classes
  34. Whats wrong!!
  35. Where are you from?
  36. RAD Soldiers is now available worldwide!
  37. What is in each bundle?
  38. CHALLENGES: Averagest Test - 3 Star Tips
  39. Avatar
  40. Any tips for a new player?
  41. Penultimate mission is impossible. ¿Help?
  42. RAD online games limit
  43. Very active RAD multiplayer player looking for matches
  44. Change Captain?
  45. Lot of the gear and some of the character outfits in this game reminds me of Brink
  46. Squad member rank (xp)
  47. WarChest: Make a steam release!!
  48. Who's your favorite character and why
  49. Needs More Custom Weapons
  50. Help store won't open
  51. F.a.q.
  52. General XP differs between idevices
  53. "Flaming Nora" and "gas grenade" abilitys
  54. In game chat
  55. Random idea
  56. What's the beat i'device you recommend to play this game on?
  57. Push Notifications
  58. How long before opponent times out?
  59. Weapon Optimum Range
  60. Orbital Strike energy cost misprint
  61. Who have given you the hardest matches in RAD soldiers?
  62. Do you play for EXP or MONEY or FUN or for all ?
  63. Is outfit increase my soldier's defense?
  64. the game is most amazing strategic game
  65. agility
  66. Frustrating - online opponents timing out when losing!
  67. Bug with equiping?
  68. I think multiplay game needs time limit less then 30min.
  69. Voluntary Stats - Come and join in the healthy competition!
  70. Music issues
  71. diggin' the game, wish for more features
  72. Ivan Tkilya
  73. Tournament - ?!
  74. Hands-on mission
  75. Community Question: Your Favourite RAD Soldiers soldier
  76. Something I really dislike in players!!
  77. Create Your Own Soldier
  78. RAD Soldiers Debut Tournament
  79. ingame profile-pic?
  80. Won a battle in 3 rounds (counting the start)
  81. Help with Missing the Point level
  82. Thanks for the match ....... :)
  83. Mechanics (Facing Direction and other stuff)
  84. Best soldier ??
  85. Vote for RAD Soldiers in the Best App Ever Awards
  86. Different Engineers
  87. What troup
  88. An example why clustering can be baddddddd
  89. XP Per Level?
  90. Great detail
  91. What is your favourite team of soldiers?
  92. commander abilities
  93. Last Change to take advantage of the holiday reduced prices?
  94. Meet in the IRC channel to chat
  95. Who do you expect or hope to win the First RAD soldiers Tournament.
  96. Dear Tournament Opponents..
  97. Impossible challenge : "Last Man Taschman"
  98. best weapon for Juan
  99. Join the RAD Soldiers IRC Channel
  100. New content
  101. The First RAD Soldiers Reviews Are In!
  102. 4day? takes 4day for each turn? it's too rong...i can't play new game.
  103. can soldiers swap / use / share weapons with other soldiers?
  104. Tournament feedback so far
  105. Best weapon for medics?
  106. Can your soldier change weapons during the game?
  107. What to buy, what to buy...
  108. New RAD Soldiers Game Update: Free RAD Bux, Store Lock-ups, and More!
  109. Megan's Toon Design
  110. How to beat Downtown Rumble
  111. Only park square
  112. Megan McNick
  113. Disappointed update
  114. Dont understand
  115. Weekend 1/19-1/20 Very Active looking for matches
  116. So long and thanks for all the fish
  117. Tournament bracket talk
  118. How to use Medkit?
  119. Community Question: What kind of chat do you want in RAD Soldiers?
  120. Snipers Snipers Everywhere...
  121. Europén League - Test - Join!
  122. Gus Marx vs Angela merci
  123. New RAD Soldiers Update adds Performance Optimisations for Challenges and iPod touch
  124. Coins to Rad Bux
  125. Umm a little bug in this new update!??
  126. Ivan the russian
  127. Can someone gimme the "titles" of every character?
  128. Red target symbol?
  129. WORLD League - Battle for World Domination is on.. !
  130. Strategic Order of Toon selection?
  131. Who is the best engineer type person?
  132. Online Maps
  133. Favourite 14 point teams and tactics with them?
  134. What happens if someone US invisible but then somebody else steps in the same square?
  135. Community Question: What multiplayer game modes do you want to see?
  136. Finishing matches
  137. 26 point match with me
  138. So what's with all the players....
  139. Studio Update: RAD Soldiers - 02/04/2013
  140. Making the move to 20 point games...which toon to buy?
  141. RAD Soldiers Balancing Sneak Peek!
  142. Help test the next version of RAD Soldiers!
  143. Custom Uniforms
  144. Bi-Spy Quick Challenge (LVL Medium) Problems Achieving Goals
  145. Is there any problem in gold earning distribution?
  146. Quick question about Gus....
  147. Progamer Rad Soldiers First Tournament Information
  148. Coin distribution in multiplayer.
  149. RAD Soldiers is on Android! Oh no...wait...that isn't the REAL RAD Soldiers!
  150. How to beat Last Stand Taschman, Im Stuck, help !!
  151. How to beat CROSSHAIR CRISIS
  152. How to beat CROSSHAIR CRISIS
  153. Are there Bots in the game?
  154. Maps and obstacles and LOS, oh my.
  155. Advance Strategy
  156. Is there an etiquette for losing?
  157. Six members team
  158. Two bugs(hidden skills) I found
  159. Back to basics!
  160. How to beat in Bad Guys and Big Guns
  161. Do you play random maps?
  162. When new Patch???
  163. Take and hold
  164. not leaving.. just not playing for a while
  165. Ways to purchase RAD Bucks
  166. Great game, but needs new content ASAP.
  167. I couldn't resist it....
  168. Draw!
  169. RAD Soldiers: Party in Rio - a first look at our biggest update yet!
  170. They should make a three player online
  171. Do you think they should make a new game mode ?
  172. Some details on new game update
  173. When is the next cup going to be?
  174. 'Hands-On' achievement
  175. Brag Your Rad - Who's The Best?
  176. Get the massive Party in Rio update for RAD Soldiers now - it's free!
  177. Version 1.1.0 New discoveries
  178. New Update
  179. Tito Tesla or Tree Mendes?
  180. New Maps
  181. New update - extra button "restore purchases"
  182. Tito is a medium agent yet the description says otherwise.
  183. Meagan is back!
  184. Can't use orbital laser twice in a row...
  185. Does Tree Mendez and Ivan use the same audio track?
  186. Dissapointed to the new patch
  187. Which come first? DoT or Angela healing aura?
  188. Epic Win
  189. Next Stop?
  190. next stop? Improved
  191. Community Question: Your Favourite Squad
  192. RAD Soldiers Debut Tournament Analysis
  193. Juan is for chumps without skill
  194. Points and balance
  195. Screenshot photo contest
  196. RAD Toons Conservational Status
  197. Tacky Tactics
  198. Having trouble enjoying the new maps.
  199. Epic hero
  200. The first time meet Hacker
  201. Weapon comparison
  202. Content/Fix Schedule
  203. Determining total coin payout per match
  204. Map diagrams
  205. Update on App Store now...
  206. Looking for someone who makes 5+ turns a day.
  207. Fave-nah
  208. RAD Around The World CUP
  209. RAD Soldiers Beta Testing
  210. Vacation time
  211. Random team
  212. Death glitch
  213. New RAD Soldiers Update Adds In-Game Chat and More!
  214. Free beer
  215. Cracked game?
  216. Radar
  217. Love this game but.........
  218. Invisible
  219. Thanks guys!
  220. Merchandise
  221. The Dave report
  222. Our biggest-ever RAD Soldiers Balancing Update is now live - full list of changes inside!
  223. Team help!
  224. Create your own weapon
  225. Gone for 2 weeks from Friday
  226. Your opinion on best duplicate toons
  227. Gone for a week
  228. Time Change
  229. Whats the (background) story?
  230. RAD Soldiers arrives on PC - play it now for free!
  231. Chrome for experienced players
  232. Multi platform development: iOS & Chrome (for the Devs)
  233. Manual
  234. PC Version Multiplayer
  235. Payment
  236. London Tactical Test, DownTown Rumble
  237. Seeking a challenge
  238. RAD Around The World CUP Analysis
  239. Underground Rad Soldiers Tourney of Death
  240. How "replay" works (or doesn't)
  241. Rad world cup
  242. RCL: Rad Championship League
  243. Video, play by play, and other decriptions of matches
  244. Shot-enfruede Showdown!!!
  245. My Uploaded Games
  246. Who cares about tournaments, open the stats.
  247. Stupid simple question
  248. Latest RAD Soldiers Chrome Update Adds New Languages
  249. why is everything so expensive now!?
  250. Rad World Cup Group 4 News