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  1. Desktop PC Brink System Requirements & Recommended Drivers
  2. No sound?
  3. Windows Error without opening
  4. [Settings] Eyefinity/Surround Resolution support
  5. 3 monitors eyefinity bug - mirror instead of expanded
  6. Desktop PC [Renderer] Crossfire not working with Brink
  7. Wish you told us the game doesnt work on ATI cards
  8. Day 1 360 patch, is it downloading?
  9. Co-op Problems, port issues?
  10. Brink keeps crashing
  11. [Networking] Enemies disappear
  12. config files.
  13. Desktop PC [Renderer] Texture gridding on Radeon 4xxx series
  14. FOV while sprinting, jumping, etc.
  15. [Renderer] Black Boxes Everywhere
  16. Optimizing the PC version
  17. ATI Performance
  18. Desktop PC [Performance] Weird FPS issues in Single player (Nvidia)
  19. [Networking][PC] Can't stay connected to servers
  20. [Performance] Frame lag with Nvidia 460 / Quad Core
  21. SLI or Crossfire Support?
  22. Desktop PC [Performance] ATI: Performance worse After 11.5 and 11.5a hotfix!
  23. gg brink
  24. Entire screen blue
  25. [Performance] Unplayable with ATI 5870
  26. D2D UK Invalid Keys - When will I have my key?
  27. Console Commands to temporarily fix fps?
  28. FOV swithing to default while running
  29. Mouse Lag @ 2560x1600
  31. How to report an issue
  32. Xbox 360 The German Xbox 360 Version Freezes
  33. Sound bug on airport hanger map
  34. Desktop PC [Performance] Server Browser Performance Issue
  35. Um.. everything unlocked when I tried to take a demo?
  36. Thank you for posting
  37. Desktop PC [Performance] Performance drop with Ambient Occlusion enabled
  38. Mouse Smoothing / Sensitivity Ratio
  39. Cannot install game
  40. [Stability] Brink Crashing and Blue Screening
  41. Care to explain how to remove 30fps cap?
  42. Desktop PC [Renderer] Nvidia OpenGL driver has lost connection with the display driver
  43. All Platforms [Save/Load] Deleting a character resets the voice pack of your other characters
  44. Desktop PC [Renderer] Unable to enable anti-aliasing in-game
  45. ATI 5830 really bad frame rate needs fix
  46. CRASH: Random crashes throughout game
  47. Xbox 360 Unplayably laggy on 360 post-patch
  48. Changing color profiles
  49. How do i change FOV and dramatically lower mouse sensitivity
  50. Iron sight + screen resolution
  51. Lackluster performance
  52. Terrible Performance AMD HD 5870
  53. native resolution not showing up
  54. 2560x1600 windowed (Devs please help)
  55. Give this a try(ATI).
  56. Brink Freezes before matches start
  57. ******ati fps fix*******
  58. Lost Character Data
  59. crash on startup?
  60. Crash as soon as it starts
  61. Server set up help
  62. Desktop PC Can't Join Coop
  63. Desktop PC [Audio] Odd Sound Issues (It works, just not quite right)
  64. Skip Start-Up Vids?
  65. Windowed with no borders?
  66. Desktop PC [Renderer] Game is blue outdoors but not indoors
  67. Game keeps CRASHing/freezing. please assist
  68. [PC]Performance issues ?
  69. Help me play this game
  70. Awful Blue Tint
  71. XBOX 360 'Unplayable' 'Lag'
  72. Xbox 360 [Save/Load] A corruption was detected
  73. Sound and Control Mapping Problems
  74. FATAL ERROR: Error creating game rendering context.
  75. Game Crashing on startup
  76. Game freezes during Intro video or first menus for single-core CPUs
  77. Crossfire not working..
  78. Frame Rate / Input Lagg issues in Server Browser
  79. Brink PC Tweak Guide: Tweaks and Tips
  80. Brink PC Tweak Guide: Tweaks and Tips
  81. r_skippostprocess
  82. Unable to Authenticate Multiplayer
  83. Ability 1, 2 and 3 won't work when bound to numpad.
  84. [Low Performance] ATI Radeon 6970
  85. Major issues that need to be at top regarding multiplayer.
  86. Xbox 360 [Online Services] How to create a new match instead of matchmaking
  87. Cannot connect to any server
  88. Framerates in MP vs Everything else
  89. Disc Unreadable Error while installed.
  90. Graphical Errors
  91. Glittering black boxes all over the place
  92. Brink has stopped working...
  93. Desktop PC Losing sound effects on specific map: Refuel
  94. Server Browser Filter Help
  95. Low Online Performance - Radeon HD 6850
  96. Hard Crash BSOD
  97. [Stability] Brink crashes during play
  98. [Performance] Drops in framerate on minspec CPU
  99. Sound, Bot Models, and AA
  100. Crash
  101. Xbox 360 lag
  102. 64-Bit and XP
  103. Server Not Responding
  104. Your opinion on Brink
  105. CRASH: game crash upon startup
  106. WTF - Matchmaking is a problem
  107. Did you guys play this game first?
  108. No subtitle options?
  109. Characters being deleted [PC-Steam]
  110. [Gameplay mechanics] Heavy move speed glitch
  111. How Long Until A Patch?
  112. Brink PC Bad FPS
  113. [ATI Graphics Card] Having framerate, sound, and invisible player issues
  114. Game not launching
  115. post processing and soft particles
  116. Black/Blue boxes when shooting at somethig, in cutscenes, and randomly in game
  117. Smoother Config for Brink (autoexec.cfg)
  118. ETA on patch?
  119. Start up error
  120. PC: modifying your game for a better experience
  121. Bad FPS, no matter what settings are on
  123. Added "seta r_useThreadedRenderer 2" to autoexec.cfg
  124. Computer shuts off while playing Brink
  125. Fraud Alert!!!
  126. Steam Overlay Messages Causes LAG
  127. Game Crashes at every loading screen [PC]
  128. Not good
  129. Not sure if you want xbox 360 issues here, but...
  130. Character Deleted?
  131. Xbox live problems?
  132. Performance issues on AMD/ATI system
  133. Desktop PC Brink Save Game Location?
  134. D2D says it's going to fix the keys issue
  135. Crashed 3 times tonight (freezing)
  136. extreme lag
  137. Ok now I'm really pissed. My character disappeared.
  138. FOV for 1080p
  139. Graphic / Sound question
  140. a fix that helped me and a friend ATI CARDS
  141. exact sesnsitivity? console mode?
  142. Is there any official comment?
  143. Is it just me or this game runs horribly?
  144. Freeze.
  145. Allow full servers to showup in browser?
  146. 360 version lot of problems
  147. Brink Is A Broken POS
  148. Encountered two key binding issues
  149. Mouse Pointer Speed in Menus
  150. Desktop PC [Audio] Sound cuts out and only ambient sounds play (usually Refuel/SecTow)
  151. [Menu][360] Selection constantly scrolls downwards
  152. Are Shadows really Ambient Occlusion?
  153. [Performance][360] textures load in slowly
  154. [Sales] Pre-Order bonus is not showing.
  155. Low resolutiion unremovable Splash screen.
  156. Desktop PC [Gameplay] Bots appear on your team in scoreboard for multiplayer challenges
  157. Pc bug list
  158. Low-Resolution Splash Screen
  159. Desktop PC [Controls] Mouse not detected in-game
  160. UPDATED: To avoid loss of character progress [PC]
  161. Problems with ui_showgun toggle
  162. Convince me to open my copy
  163. Disable the intro logo videos!!
  164. Desktop PC [Renderer] Particle effects draw matte blue (e.g. dustclouds, grenade explosions)
  165. PC Fault Data Analysis
  166. Changing Default Crosshair
  167. Problem with Sensitivity and Iron Sight aiming!
  168. Soldier Kevlar Skill
  169. Desktop PC [Stability] AllocRenderModel Crash
  170. [Stability] CTD when joining servers
  171. [Performance] "Chugging" feeling in multiplayer: PC
  172. 360 Lag
  173. [Audio] No surround sound (Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro)
  174. What can i do?
  175. [Renderer] DOF Troubles in game with ATI?
  176. Possible ATI Framerate Fix
  177. {Compiled List} Best Fit Fixes & Card Used
  178. Major lag issues (xbox 360)
  179. Crossfire not working?
  180. sound issues ATI 5850
  181. Game Won't Display At All [PC]
  182. FPS Drop Multiplayer Search
  183. Window Mode at 1920 x 1080?
  184. Login error popup
  185. Has SD actually acknowledged the AMD problem?
  186. Limited Res Choices in Windowed Mode
  187. Crash to desktop
  188. Issues with Joining friends
  189. Huge xbox live Lag, please fix
  190. [performance] SLI not increasing frame rate
  191. ATI driver issue
  192. XBox 360 Brink freezing and dropping audio
  193. [CRASH] The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00007b)
  194. PlayStation 3 [Performance] Optional install option
  195. Desktop PC Error creating game rendering context (Intel integrated graphics)
  196. FREEZE: Game freezes for 2-5 minutes after alt-tabbing
  197. GPU's Maxed out / Memory crashes
  198. FREEZE?: Game hangs during Please Wait screen in campaign/challenges
  199. Lag to death on free play (360)
  200. could not decompress data
  201. CRASH: Random crashes throughout gameplay.
  202. Co-op with netgear router?
  203. Please unlock r_skippostprocess
  204. How do you unban someone
  205. Game wont even start:(
  206. [Performance] Very spotty performance, nothing helps
  207. not sure if this is a technical thing or if im just dumb
  208. Desktop PC [Tools] Demos not supported
  209. Connection Timed Out when trying to join a server.
  210. Controls messed up
  211. Desktop PC [Renderer] Garbled MISSION COMPLETE text (& C++ redist crash)
  212. In game problems: Invisable players, no sound
  213. ATI vid cards and Brink.
  214. InstaCrashing
  215. Desktop PC Is it just ATI or does my computer suck?
  216. Desktop PC [Save/Load] Character Appearance Bug
  217. Desktop PC ATTN ATI Users: Roll back to Catalyst 11.3 for possible performance gains
  218. Desktop PC CRASH: start up from steam
  219. Desktop PC CD-Key isnt working.
  220. Desktop PC FPS drop when online
  221. Desktop PC ** found a fps fix for ati cards **
  222. Desktop PC Framerate issue - AMD CPU / AMD GPU
  223. Desktop PC VOIP Inbound/Outbound too low to hear.
  224. All Platforms Can't read computer models lips.
  225. Desktop PC Player Customizations Not Showing
  226. Desktop PC Server Browser Friends Filter
  227. Desktop PC Does this game need Port Forwarding?
  228. Desktop PC [GAMEPLAY]Gotlung not firing after revived
  229. Desktop PC Unable to Connect to any games, could before yesterday...
  230. Desktop PC A couple screenshots of insane FPS changes over nothing..
  231. Desktop PC Texture Bug (Different than others)
  232. Desktop PC After installing dedicated server the game will no longer launch
  233. Desktop PC How are random people joining my private games
  234. Xbox 360 Leveling Problems
  235. Desktop PC MS fix for OpenGL applications
  236. Disable Depth of Field?
  237. Desktop PC [CRASH] After joing Multiplayer game at Victory Screen
  238. Desktop PC Crashing every time I connect to a server
  239. Desktop PC Sound utterly bugged
  240. Desktop PC Bug: Brink does not use the default audio playback device.
  241. Desktop PC Bug: Brink does not capture mouse to the area of a fullscreen game window
  242. Desktop PC Brink doesn't save video settings
  243. Desktop PC Fix for server browser lag =D
  244. Desktop PC Sound Problem
  245. Desktop PC Stops working on launch
  246. Desktop PC Game crash at start : wglChoosePixelFormatARB problem
  247. 360 version is Awful
  248. Xbox 360 textures.
  249. Desktop PC GRAPHICAL BUG: Broken Cross Hairs and Icons
  250. Bugs / quirks I'd like to see fixed