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  40. On May 18th There is a Live Brodcast Brink Tournament
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  65. Bucko. F/A Years of Gaming Experience/Accomplishments
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  103. MhSV German Multigaming 2.0 sucht Dich!
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  112. [US] (PC) Xdomas LFT
  113. DogSoldiers [Eu]
  114. [PC] [GERMAN] Projekt FRAGSUUUN! sucht...
  115. Advertise Your Brink Clan
  116. XII - The Twelfth @ www.xiiclan.com
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  118. [EU]
  119. US 360 Clan: Sagas
  120. BounD By BLooD - Gaming
  121. The Conclave is looking for you
  122. [TAW] The Art of Warfare is recruiting PC players (www.TAW.net)
  123. nimbleMinds.eu is looking for members
  124. [Recruiting UK/EU] Formula Zero Gaming
  125. [PC UK/EU] Formula Zero Gaming - recruitment
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  127. Feverclan Recruiting
  128. US (PC) Player Looking for a team
  129. Suckenstein, veteran competitive NA player seeking team
  130. I'm looking For A Clan
  131. I'm Looking For A Clan
  132. Searching clan.
  133. |O.S| www.osclan.us New Competitive Clan
  134. Decoy Team Recruitment (PS3; Semi-Casual)
  135. dream team ...(BRINK-psn)...
  136. Lookin' to get picked up.
  137. Adult Gamers Elite Recruiting
  138. Looking for serious team
  139. Maybe this is something for you.
  140. Looking for clan on 360. Two level 20s.
  141. Tactical Gaming Recruiting
  142. The Dream Team
  143. Evil Corporation Gaming
  144. PC Clan Nbs is recruiting!
  145. NA ps3 player looking for competitive clan
  146. German PS3 fun Clan "Couch Potatoes" is looking for members
  147. U.S. Military Gamers Recruiting (All Platforms)
  148. Gamingpalace.de Germany recruits now!
  149. Looking to join a Serious BRINK Team
  150. [PC] Player NA for Comp Team
  151. Est - sol/op lf serious team
  152. [PC, US West] FPS vet, looking for love..with Brink
  153. PS3 Clan recruiting North American/Canadian gamers
  154. 2 players looking for a north american PC brink team
  155. Clan Recruiting Members
  156. German Clan CBW is recruiting Members
  157. Parent gamers wanted for ps3 and 360
  158. Citizen Erased Recruiting Members PC EU
  159. Silk Clan | RECRUIT ACROOSING ALL PLATFORMS - Join the Resistance!
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  162. German Drunkens looking for Support...
  163. Team [RIP] (recruitement ON)
  164. Clan [BoI] is Looking For members.
  165. [PC] Feel the *Rush* - german BRINK clan
  166. [PC] Static Gaming - Recruitment Board (EU)
  167. i need a clan
  168. I'm looking for a ps3 brink clan
  169. Looking for Team
  170. PC player LF competitive team
  171. [PC] Deathwatch is looking for crazy gamers
  172. [SC] Silk Clan
  173. Citizen Erased Recruiting Members
  174. [PC] =(eGO)= EdgeGamers - Recruiting -
  175. Looking for a clan on xbox
  176. Any teams recruiting?
  177. (german) deutscher Brink Clan fmj-eSports.com
  178. Looking for a competitive Clan (PC)
  179. Looking for pc tourment team
  180. K4F (Killing for Fun) recruiting... (North America)
  181. Qubenet looking for PC Brink Players
  182. (ps3) F!ST now recruiting. competive clan
  183. TG has picked up brink.
  184. The Official RAiN Application Thread.
  185. M0TiF For Competetive Brink [PC]
  186. Virus[vS]
  187. Raw Messiah lf member(s) (PC)
  188. [PC|EU] Looking for a team
  189. W.O.L.F. - Recruiting mature, skilled players
  190. *ROFL* clan *recruit by invite*
  191. Red Guard recuiting
  192. [PC-NA] [TEAM] TOCOM is Recruiting
  193. {Xbox360} Looking for a clan
  194. Sulph8 LF Brink Team
  195. [Xbox360] looking for organized clan
  196. South African in Asia looking for a clan
  197. Superhappyfuntime!!!!
  198. Looking for a mature PS3 Clan.
  199. Quakecon Competition Members Needed
  200. Quakecon: Need 2 players to fill roster for BRINK
  201. www.osclan.us new Competitive Clan for PC. Server using ESL abilities.
  202. Hardcore Brink Player needs clan
  203. {GS} LF casual PC players
  204. Looking for a brink only ps3 clan
  205. [PC] needz a clan for the ESL Autumn Cup
  206. looking for resistance clan on ps3
  207. PC players in Asia?
  208. Player looking for a competitive PC team
  209. Fever is Recruiting!
  210. Incoming Clans update = Looking for clan
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  212. The Sarifan Warriors Gaming Clan (PC)
  213. Active Clan List.
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  215. PS3 Clan UK Unbounded
  216. (PC) Death Penalty - Calling all soldiers!
  217. any clan battle players?
  218. Euro Coalition Ops (ECO)
  219. NA:Xbox360: Heros of the Ark Clan Recruitment
  220. PS3 D.E.A.D. CELL [DIED] Recruiting
  221. Sulph8 Looking for PC Europe Team
  222. Looking for a Brink clan to join [PS3]
  223. clan to join for brink xbox 360
  224. R4g3
  225. Synergy Clan Recruiting for multiple games!